A Beach Walk With Sanuk

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My Style: Booties c/o Sanuk, Jeans – American Eagle, Shirt- Lululemon, Sweater- Gap

First of all, welcome to my new neighborhood. On top of this pregnancy thing going on, we are also in the middle of a big move to a house closer to my parents and out of the city. This beach is about a 2 min. drive away from our new home. I cant wait for it to be over and settled in. We officially move in at the end of the month but with so much stuff to pack, we have been slowly driving carloads down for the next few weeks. OMG, the color though. The painting will take the longest as the whole house is a mismatch of yellows. Yellow was my favorite color but after this house, that may have changed. Nothing some white paint couldn’t fix.

As for my pregnancy, I went and had my 2nd prenatal appointment today and we got to hear the heartbeat right away. This little baby was at the front of my belly and wanted to make an appearance. With a slower heart rate of 140 bpm, I think that means a girl from the wives tales, am I right? My nausea is subsiding and I’m starting to get excited to find out if this baby is a he or she.

My pregnancy style is all over the place but for now I seem to be living in easy Jeans and a Tee while I work away on getting this house packed. The key to a great comfortable outfit, is comfortable shoes! Since the Ugg style boot is back with a vengeance, I fell in love with these made for the sand Sanuk boots. They are a dream to put on with this growing belly of mine and seem to match everything I’ve been wearing lately. Made with premium suede, and soft lining, I’m sure you will love them too.

Katie Rose xo

Tips to Paleo


Through all the excitement of our last post, we have changed our lifestyle back to paleo. Between Rob and I, 2015 was full of health issues, stress, and giving into unhealthy habits. So, as a new year began, we changed our kitchen back to a paleo one. Now, because we had been paleo for a good 6 months in 2014, we kinda knew where we went wrong and how to fix it this time around. Eating Paleo for us isn’t about a diet to lose weight, or about strict beliefs of the poison in our foods, though we do agree with most studies. Its about feeling our best for our kids, and having the energy to spend time with them and Zeus. Below, I have attached some helpful hints to get started and keep on it, as well as links to a few of our go-to recipes.

How to make it work:

  • CLEAN OUT YOUR CUPBOARDS: I mean it, anything that is processed, has sugar in it, or doesn’t fit the paleo ingredients, chuck out or donate to a food bank near you.
  • UPDATE YOUR INGREDIENTS: Get rid of all you bake with right now like Flours and sugars. Instead, replace these with Almond Flour, Coconut flour, Coconut sugar. This way you have no choice but to bake with what you have.
  • KEEP YOUR HOUSE STOCKED: We always have a well stocked pantry and fridge full of fruits and veggies. That way, if your short on time, you grab an apple or a carrot instead of a sugar filled energy bar.
  • LOOK TO THE INTERNET: Paleo is pretty amazing in the fact that you can make most things you probably ate before but with paleo ingredients. Rob forgets this part but as long as your willing to spend a night or 2 each week baking and preparing, you will satisfy any craving.
  • GO 80%: One thing that is hard with paleo is the ability to eat out. Rob and I believe in 80/20 rule where you only are strict 80% of the time. We will allow ourselves to eat at a restaurant every once in a while. Attending your families birthday is much more important than sticking to it all the time.
  • EAT TOGETHER: since we started eating paleo, we sit at the table as a family again during meal time. Doing this together, allows us to keep at it.
  • KEEP A JOURNAL: while my journal is this blog, you may find it helpful to write each day or even just once a week of any changes you have started to feel both negative and positive. Doing this will show you if this lifestyle is right for you.
  • DONT GIVE UP: A week into switching back, Rob, who had many bad symptoms of indigestion before the switch, had reached his limit. But, then as he was just thinking he couldn’t handle the bloat, headaches and other issues, they disappeared. Your body needs an adjustment period to get rid of toxins and get used to burning fat instead of carbs for energy. You need to push through that adjustment stage.

My Go-To Recipes:

  • Naan bread: Perfect for sandwiches, dip, etc.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: The perfect sweet that you don’t have to feel to guilty about bribing your toddler with.
  • Mug Cake: A late night sweet tooth saviour
  • West Lake Soup: this soup is fast and easy for those nights that you aren’t quite sure what to have. You can find it in the Nomnom Paleo Cookbook
  • Chicken Tacos: This was our first ever paleo dish we had made and although it takes a bit of time and a lot of ingredients, its so yummy and perfect for lunches.
  • Coconut Creamer: Because I’m a slave to my coffee, I needed a paleo hack. This is your new best friend.

As I test and try new recipes be sure to follow along with Wild Rosebuds for some new go-tos.

Happy Paleo-ing

Katie Rose xo

Big News! 4

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Dress by ABS from All Dressed Up, Photos by North X North Photography

As many of you readers know, Rob and I suffered a hard miscarriage last year and it ended up being an even scarier diagnosis of a partial molar pregnancy. Well, we are finally able to safely announce that we are almost 16 weeks pregnant with a healthy little bundle in there. It has so far been a pretty hard road for me like many of you Moms. Whether you’ve lost a baby or not, the scare is there, and so is the nausea. Please forgive my lack of blogging but this has consumed my life for the moment and I have had no energy to lift even a finger to the keyboard.

We found out that we were expecting back on November 10th, of course right before Rob’s work Christmas Party. From there we were rushed into an ultrasound to make sure I was not having another failed pregnancy. Unfortunately, at that point it was to early to tell and so we had to wait another week and a half before being re-ultrasound for a definitive answer. It was probably one of the most stressful weeks of my life. The time came for the second ultrasound, but the tech wouldn’t let us watch at first. After about 10 minutes of her viewing this little baby inside of us, she asked Rob to turn on the Monitor beside him and showed us the healthy heart of a beautiful little fetus.

Since then, I have had 1 emerg. trip due to pains that we know now were a bladder infection, and a doctors appointment where we got to hear the heart beat for the first time. Next week , we have our 2nd prenatal and I’m hoping to update you through Instagram, or Snapchat through each new experience.

So heres to bump pics, and pregnancy style for the next 6 months.

Katie Rose xo

Paleo Mocha Frappuccino

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Winter is hard when you have a toddler as many of you cold climate mommas may know. And with each bitter cold snowy weekend, you try to find ways to entertain the little one. Of course this is tiring work. In the middle of the last storm, I craved for a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. But, there was a blizzard outside and no way I was leaving the house. The other downfall, Rob and I have switched back to eating paleo exclusively, meaning all that milk and sugar is a no no. So I headed into the kitchen to see how I could kill this craving. Rob and I had just gotten an Espresso machine as a wedding gift as well as a new blender, so it was the perfect place to start. I mixed a few things together and came up with this amazing Paleo Mocha Frappuccino drink that you could even say is pretty healthy for you with good fats and healthy sugars. See for yourself below:


  • Espresso or strong coffee
  • Ice
  • Unsweetened Coconut or Almond milk
  • Cocoa powder
  • Maple syrup
  • Canned full fat coconut milk that has been refrigerated


  1. Brew espresso or coffee. I used 2 shots of espresso but you could also use 1/3cup of strong brewed coffee.
  2. Pour espresso over ice in a bullet or blender
  3. Add 1tbsp cocoa powder, 2tbsp of maple syrup and fill the rest of the cup or until the ice in blender is covered with coconut milk and blend until smooth
  4. Open can of Coconut milk and drain out the coconut water. Spoon out the hardened coconut milk into a small bowl and add 2tbsp of maple syrup. mix with a hand mixer until texture is of whipped cream.
  5. Pour Frappuccino into desired glass and top with whipped cream.
  6. ENJOY!!

Take a load off and enjoy a guilt free version of this delicious treat at home. No matter what the weather.

Katie Rose xo

Our Wedding 12.23.15 3

Last Month Rob and I did something very unexpected. After being engaged over a year, without really setting a date to get married, we decided to heck with planning, lets just elope and make it about just the two of us. After doing a bit of research, we realized that its a lot harder to elope than the movies made it seem. Plus, the first thing that came to our minds were how much our mothers would want to be there. So we started planning an elopement in a different way. We booked the room at The Bicycle Thief where we had our first date(few dates) and invited our mothers for a lunch to thank them for helping out with Aubrey so much while I tried out the insurance world. Telling only those who needed to know like our great friends Jeff and Jenn of Cooked Photography and my Make up magician Vicky Mina, we started planning the little details and legal things we needed to make this “lunch” a wedding. Once we were all there, Rob dropped the news to the moms that they were there to be our witnesses. As you can see from my moms face of the first photo, it began a very happy and emotional afternoon. After everything was signed and said, we sat down for a delicious lunch before heading out on our own for a little photo session in Point Plesant Park. It was so calm. It was so relaxing. We were SO happy.

Thank you to everyone who sent us congrats and well wishes thus far. Its been 3 weeks and we have no regrets for how we did it. Yes I still one day want to have a reception with a bit more of a wedding feel. But this will forever mark our big day and it was perfect.

Katie Rose xo