A Toilet Dilemma

A sneak attack with my phone.

A sneak attack with my phone.

The toilet is a popular topic and hanging ground in our house lately. After buying a potty at christmas time when Aubrey started to announce his bodily functions, he has grown more and more fond of it. But the potty itself is scary. He prefers the part that clips onto the big boy toilet so he can be like mommy and daddy. The obsession has come so great that we know when he goes missing, he’ll be found right there perched full clothed bum, on the toilet. But within a glimpse, he’ll be off again. It’s almost like he just wants to test the waters and see why we sit there so often. Soon I hope this quick seating will become bare bottomed and productive. Until then, I am happy that he isn’t afraid.

Katie-Rose xo

The Tale of The Tucked In Dress

Wildrosebuds.com: Dress Tucked Wildrosebuds.com: Dress Tucked Wildrosebuds.com: Dress Tucked

My Look: Dress-The Hanger Boutique, Jeans- The Gap (similar), Clogs- Aldo (Similar), Purse- Gap (similar)

The great thing about being a blogger is getting invited to a ton of events. The bad thing about being a mom and your fiance on shift work? You never get to go. But, on Thursday the stars aligned and I was headed to an awesome sample sale hosted my my good friend Lindsay, owner of The Hanger Boutique and the awesome local company Urbanbutter who rep for brands like Dex, B.B. dakota, and Mexx. I got home from work and was hit with the age old problem of ‘what am I going to wear’. I wanted to support Lindsay by wearing one of her items but Aubrey had put oil stains of some sort down the front of my dress last time I wore it. Thinking fast, I threw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and Clogs and tucked the dress in at the front. BAMO! Stains hidden. I jumped in the car and headed for a night out to myself.  Now comes the funny part. The tucked in dress was a hit! After being stopped a few times by different Shoppers to admire my ‘look’, I ended up spending 30 mins in Lindsay’s section, showing Shoppers how to style the dress like I had. It was a great night and I even walked out with a new outfit for only $35. AMAZING!

Katie-Rose xo

My New Workout Secret


Wildrosebuds.com: Next Issue Canada

As Halifax finally starts to show signs of Spring, we are all reminded that summer is not far behind. Ahhh summer……hot sun, beach, oh yeah and bikinis. I know especially after what my body has gone through this winter, I am far from in bikini shape. To help me get there,i have a workout secret, I am using a little tool that I like to call Next Issue Canada. This amazing App on my iPad has a ton of different fitness magazines right at your (literal) finger tips. In these magazines, I am finding and array of healthy lifestyle tips like recipes, workouts, stretches, etc. If it looks like something I love, I can save it in a quick location just by the simple click of a screen shot. I have a huge issue with being able to commit when it comes to anything fitness. But, by scouring the great selection on Next Issue Canada App, I don’t know how I can ever get bored. The other great thing I love about Next Issue is how even when I am travelling for the weekend, I can throw it in my bag and use it anywhere. That right there is amazing to a mom who has to bring everything but the kitchen sink with her for a night away.

Want to try this as you get summer ready? Head to Next Issue Canada and use the code 60FREE to get your first 60 days for free. That is the perfect amount of time to get healthy!


Katie Rose xo

Our Miscarriage Story: Part 2

Wildrosebuds.com: Miscarriage Wildrosebuds.com: Miscarriage Wildrosebuds.com: Miscarriage Wildrosebuds.com: Miscarriage

Part 1 of our miscarriage story was hard enough to write, but I wanted to let you in on it because well, thats what this blog is all about. But, this week we found out that our story didn’t end there with moving on and trying again. On Wednesday, I had a missed call from our hospital with a urgent voicemail to call back the resident on call for gynaecology. Thinking it would just be a follow up on how I am doing after my procedure, I called back. I was walking down one of the busiest streets in Halifax. It started off like I expected but then she told me that they had gotten the results back from the lab about the sample that they sent. This is a routine thing that they do after you have the embryo removed. Well, turns out that the baby was infact a partial molar pregnancy. This was all so new to me that she gave me a brief rundown of how its abnormal tissue rapidly growing (similar to cancer). It is very dangerous and she said I should be so thankful that I miscarried before it had gotten any worse. But then she hit me with the even worse news. Because this rare disease is so similar to cancer, I have to be watched carefully for the next 6 months to a year with weekly blood tests to make sure my pregnancy hormone is dropping and that no tissue is still growing anywhere else in my body. This also means no more children for Rob and I in that time frame and maybe longer. This crushed me. I started to cry right there in the middle of the many passerby. We handled our miscarriage by seeing the bright side that in a month or 2 we could be pregnant again, but now, that is all gone. Im still not sure about the details of this new dark cloud in our life and the internet just makes it scarier. What I do know is that the baby had more chromosomes than it should, which creates this tissue that spreads throughout the body. If it has spread outside of my uterus, it will adhere to my organs and result in chemo and possible surgery. For now as we watch and learn more, I look to a higher power, a reason for all of this, and ask that it be the lesser of the evil. I was told that children were going to be hard for me because of other complications by my doctor when I was in my early 20’s, but because of having Aubrey so easily, we didn’t think that we would ever have a problem. Now, my snuggles are longer, my kisses are stronger and my eyes are constantly on that little boy. It will all be ok and I am so lucky that I get to be mom to him. That is enough for me.

Katie Rose xo

A Very Unhappy Easter (Picture Overload)


Wildrosebuds.com: Easter with AubreyWildrosebuds.com: Easter with AubreyWildrosebuds.com: Easter with AubreyWildrosebuds.com: Easter with Aubrey Wildrosebuds.com: Easter with Aubrey Wildrosebuds.com: Easter with Aubrey Wildrosebuds.com: Easter with Aubrey Wildrosebuds.com: Easter with Aubrey Wildrosebuds.com: Easter with Aubrey Wildrosebuds.com: Easter with Aubrey

Easter started on a fantastic note with a fabulous morning at Sunnyside Mall having brunch with the Easter bunny, but that was a week before Easter. Once Easter weekend was upon us, things started crumbling. With my mom away, leaving me in charge of the family’s contribution to our big potluck, and my mother-in-law in town, Saturday felt like a stressful, rushed day of trying to get 20,000 things done in 2 minutes. But then, Easter morning happened and Aubrey’s reaction to what the bunny left made everything better. He was so in love with everything. Then, we headed to the potluck and all hell broke loose. When we arrived, Aubrey stole a very large sugary candy. It was the first time he has ever had candy larger and more sweet than a piece of chocolate. If that wasn’t bad enough, he ate 2 of them before we could stop him. It was like he was on a drug where he had tunnel vision and couldn’t hear us or focus on anything but stuff he wasn’t allowed to do. The melt downs shortly followed when it came time to try to get him to eat, and we ended up rushing out of there as soon as our dessert was chewed because both Rob and I were so embarrassed and frustrated, we wanted to cry. Thank goodness for everyone being family and supportive of us, but it still wasn’t easy. Monday was spent in recovery mode, with naps and relaxing. But even though parts of the weekend were really ugly, it was hard to say goodbye to Aubrey at daycare this morning. That boy sure knows how to pull my heart strings.

Back to real life we go.

Katie Rose xo