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Oh Mother Care Mom Time

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my Instagram or like me on Facebook . Thanks for visiting! It’s a mom thing. I even feel guilty writing this post. But, as soon as you become a mom, you feel like its your duty or even your job to take care of your […]

Safe And Comfortable with Chicco

It was a big day when we decided on the Uppababy Vista as our stroller. We started looking over what accessories we would need, and quickly realized that our old carseat, which Aubrey hated may I add, was not compatible and on top of that, only had a few months left before it was deemed […]

Watching Over Poppy With Withings Home

When It comes to Aubrey, he was the classic first born tester baby. We did a lot of things with him that we swore before kids we would never do and have learned what worked and what didn’t. When it came to transferring him over to his crib from our bed at 6 months, it […]