An Escape to Cape Breton Part 1 of 3

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My Look: Dress-Aritzia, Bracelet-BCBG

WELL, I have to say that the last 24 hours before Rob and I left for our first weekend away from all responsibilities, was probably the worst Ive had in a while. Maybe this was the worlds way of saying “ENJOY IT!!’

With my Parents plan to take both Aubrey and Zeus for the weekend for the first time, while taking on the craziness of my sister and her whole family arriving for the summer under the same roof, I decided to head down the night before to make sure both Aubrey and Zeus were settled. By the time I got there, you could see in my fathers eyes the stress that he felt from having Zeus there. They have a little old grumpy dog that hates kids and other dogs. So he in himself when children are around is a handful. We decided to call my mother-in-law in for a last minute favour and she thankfully agreed to stay at our house with Zeus while Aubrey stayed at my moms. That Thursday when putting Aubrey to sleep (usually a 15 minute 3 story process) he could no settle. The tears and freak outs and begging for me to sleep with him took over an hour to calm and left me frazzled to say the least. The worst part, he had to sleep in my bed, which meant Zeus and I had to try to fit in a queen size with a boy who HATES sleeping with people. He tossed and turned and woke up so many times that by 1am, I gave up and went into my sisters bed for the rest of the night. But no no no, that stress didn’t leave with the break of dawn. Instead, I was woken up at 5:45am to a little bum hitting the stair as he made his way down stairs yelling for Nan. GOOD MORNING FRIDAY! And then the real panic hit. An hour or 2 into our morning while i was catching up on work and my mom was doing some things around the house, the house went silent. Next thing I know, I catch a glimpse of Zeus running past the window OUTSIDE! Aubrey had figured out how to open their front door, and had escaped with Zeus. My heart was pounding out of my chest. My parents house is about 500m from a busy 80km/hr hwy and all I could think about was one or both of them running towards it. Thankfully we found them in the back yard, playing in the new potato garden. That same predicament   came twice more before we kept the door locked and I finally left to pick up Rob for our RELAXING trip to Cape Breton.

Lets just say that 6 hour beautiful drive, felt nothing more than perfect. Also, Take a peak at our new ride! After this past winter we took the plunge and bought a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. OMG WE ARE IN LOVE!

Katie Rose xo


A Rainy OOTD



My Look: Trench- Banana Republic (old), Sweater- Banana Republic (old), Pants- Aritzia, Shoes- Melissa

ITS HUMP DAY! and we are in between road trips. Here is todays rainy OOTD. Last weekend, we had a blast in Liverpool, although we were rained out from doing the beach thing. Aubrey had a ton of fun, and Zeus made us feel like we had twins. It was stressful but well worth it.

This weekend, we are passing the stress over to my parents. My sister and her family come home from UAE for the month on Friday and we have a wedding in Cape Breton. So we are going to say see ya! to Aubrey and Zeus at my parents (though I’m sure we will miss them within the hour) and we are heading off for a romantic weekend away. This will be Rob and I’s first getaway together, not only in 3 years but EVER. Our anniversary is coming up and we are using this weekend as our celebration. We have never celebrated it before so It should be fun.

I just want to say thank you to all of you new readers and my old faithfuls, for the outpour of love after my last post. As a blogger, I know that it seems like my life is perfect, but posts like that (though hard to write) I hope show you that I am just like you. I have my ups and downs and my insecurities. Thank you as always, for listening and making me feel on top of the world. I wish I could make you all feel that same way!

Katie Rose xo