Warm Weather, Zeus and The Daycareitis

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My Look: Shirt- Club Monaco, Jeans- Winners, Sunnies- Barring Sunglasses, Sneakers- Converse

The sun is finally shining and the warm weather is slowly rolling into our little city. Zeus has now been with us for over 2 weeks and is settling in perfectly. But, the house keeps getting rounds of the ‘daycareitis’. Seeing Aubrey wake up with the gooey eyes glued shut, knowing its the dreaded pink eye, you remember having it as a kid and how with a day or 2 of drops its all back to normal. Well, it wasn’t that easy for us here. Aubrey and a few other kids at daycare came down with it and it was gone within 24 hours once we started him on drops. But that was not the end. Days later, I was blessed with waking up, not being able to open my eye. DOUBLE PINK EYE! over the next 3 days, unable to go to work, I had to experience the burning, itching and gooey eyes that you only associate with children. It was way worse than I remember and I honestly did look like I belonged in a scary movie. The bonus, 3 days off work with no little hands to get in the way, mixed with me never being the type to just sit around, made for a very productive week off of work. More to come of showing you what my busy hands got into. The sickness is out and now we up our vitamin intake to prepare for the next.

Katie Rose xo

Spring Cleaning With Lawen Dentistry


Now that spring is in full effect here in Halifax, spring cleaning and a refresh after a horrible winter I’m sure is on everyone’s mind. So for my 3rd Me May post, I wanted to share another step I am doing for myself and that is Zoom home whitening, care of Lawen Dentistry here in Halifax. And trust me it is soooo easy.

In 2 quick visits involving making and fitting my trays, I came home with a professional level whitening kit to make my teeth photo ready for those summer posts. This service is perfect for a busy mom like me to be able to fit in whitening in my own time. I mean, dishes now have a whole new meaning when you can multitask, AND beautify yourself.

the Philips Zoom Home Whitening kit is as easy as 1-2-3. All you do is brush and floss your teeth, fill the trays with your whitening syringe (a very small amount for each tooth) place in your mouth for 30 mins (this is where you can do the dishes 😉 ) then when 30 mins in over, you rinse your mouth and brush your teeth again. You can have white teeth in as little at 2 weeks using the trays 2x a day, or for us sensitive teeth people, once a day for 4 weeks. AMAZING! This is just the start of my whitening story but I will keep you updated!

Want to try it for yourself? Write in the comments below what you are doing for yourself this Spring and you could win a whitening kit for yourself (only open to people who will be able to collect the prize at Lawen Dentistry in Halifax, Nova Scotia) GOOD LUCK!

Katie Rose

My 2nd Mother’s Day

image image image image image image image image image image imageAs a mother, you are on 24/7 and your mind constantly thinks about your family and everything you need to do to care for them. It’s a hard job but a fantastic one. With so many highs that the lows disappear to the back of your mind. Between this year and last, so many things have changed in my life and I have evolved as a mother, as Aubrey evolves into a little man. And I am all the better for it.As moms, we are different each morning that we wake because we have learned something new about the role the day before. We need to accept that we will never know the right answer or be an expert. But we are the perfect mom for our children and as long as we do everything with love.

When I think of Mother’s Day, of course the first thing that I think about is my own mother, who has made me who I am today. Her kindness, passion, humour and smile brighten up every room and I adore hearing everyone who has ever met her sing her praise. But, now that my family is getting older, she is no longer the only mom that I want to celebrate. My sisters are now blossoming into beautiful mothers and it is so great to have people so close to my heart to go through this trek with. I’m blessed and hope to never take advantage of my amazing mommy support system.

To all you moms out there, happy belated Mother’s Day. Snuggle your kids tighter and forgive yourself because you are perfect.

Katie Rose xo

Ps. Aubrey has a stumble down our outdoor concrete steps which resulted in me panicking and rushing hi to emerg. Everything is fine and it is just superficial. I think Rob and I were worse off than him.


Flourish, A Lifestyle Change.

Wildrosebuds.com: Flourish EcourseThey say that abs happen in the kitchen, which I think is very true. But along with abs, the kitchen brings happiness, fulfilment and much,much more. Having many food allergies, it’s work to eat right and after Christmas, I was starting to give up. Then, with the trauma that both my body and mind has gone through in these past few months, I gave up entirely. As a self proclaimed health nut, not only had I stopped working out as you heard in the last Me May post, but I had given into adding back all those horrible foods that cause my body to go into shock. I needed a good smack just like I did with personal training. So I jumped on the opportunity to ‘Flourish’ myself.

Flourish is an online course by Holistic health coach Kezia Hall of Super Naturally Healthy. After learning to eat properly herself by changing the ways she looks at food, she wanted to share those views and help people in the process. She bases her whole lifestyle of eating around low carb, no sugar, unprocessed eating and it is fabulous and easy.

Wildrosebuds.com: Flourish Ecourse

Signing up for Flourish, you get armed with everything you need to succeed. From recipes, food plans, work sheets, checklists, and so much more. On top of all of these keys to success, you also are added into a Facebook group with the rest of the people ready to change their views of food and create a lifestyle and not a diet. I find this is the best part. On this page you share recipes, tricks, and quotes to keep each other on track. Unlike, buying a plan from some celebrity trainer and never actually getting to talk to them for advice catered to you, Kezia is there. She answers your questions, she keeps you on track and she pumps you up. The best part is that she knows what each one of you flourishers are going through. She is empathetic.

If you are ready to learn a whole new language in food and finally make a change to be the best you inside and out, head to Super Naturally Healthy to learn more. And for updates on my own journey with her eating plan as my go to, follow my #wrfitnessjourney on Facebook and Instagram.

Katie Rose xo

Our Dog Adoption Story

Wildrosebuds.com: puppy adoption  Wildrosebuds.com: puppy adoption  Wildrosebuds.com: puppy adoption  Wildrosebuds.com: puppy adoption

Our first meeting

Our first meeting

Our first meeting

Our first meeting

After dating Rob for a few months, just before finding out we were pregnant, we realized how we had a love for dogs in common. In the 3 years since then, we had talked numerous times about when should we get one, what kind, names, etc. you know the usual daydream. So the first thing we did was apply for a pre-approval to our local animal shelter, the Nova Scotia SPCA. After our references were checked, they would call each time puppies of the mix of breeds that we had said we were looking for came in. But, each time they called, we weren’t ready. The season would be off, the breed didn’t feel right, or we were elbows deep in other things that made it not feel like the right decision. But, right before we suffered the miscarriage, we reapplied. It felt right and we were finally ready. Within a very short period, that led us to Zeus (Cashew before he came to us) He came to us right after the bad news hit and it just felt right to make the moves and finally do what we had been talking about for the past 3 years.

Zeus, a rescue, found with his sister starving at 4 weeks old is an American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. He is 9 weeks old and has been a Decoeli for about 5 long, tough days so far. But he is fitting so perfectly into this little family and we are so pleased to have him.

The Adoption process was very easy and to know that one less dog is out there waiting for a home and not bred for money makes our hearts happy. We both had done our research so we prepared the house with both the things that the wonderful people at the SPCA recommended, as well as the things we were wanting from our own experience. They helped us with everything from where to put the crate in the house, what food to buy, to what leash will work best with the breed and what Vet and Trainer to go with. We loved all the help.

One thing I will warn about a dog Adoption  is the cost up front. Though an adoption fee is much less than what a breeder will charge, you will also need to house and feed that guy. But, like a baby, you prepare and it is worth it in the end. He is our family member and we can’t wait to share more of this journey with both him and you.

Katie Rose xo