A Dog For Aubrey

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There is a dog at Aubrey’s daycare. His name is Charlie and he is a huge friendly golden retriever. Every morning when Aubrey arrives, if Charlie can, he greats him at the bottom of the stairs (he is kept upstairs during the day) Aubrey puts out his hand and Charlie gives him a kiss. Giggles shortly fill the air. And this repeats each day, each week. The bond has even become so strong, that “Charlie Dog” is a staple in Aubrey’s very short list of vocabulary.

Elizabete, our daycare lady, had let us know when we shared our want for a dog for Aubrey with her, that she is looking for a better home for Charlie. She doesn’t feel like she or her now grown kids have to time for him and would like to find a better place. She offered him to us many times in the past 2 months, with us saying we would have to think about it each time. Seeing Aubrey’s love for him tempted us, but to not raise and train a dog from a pup really worried us. So, we kept putting off our answer to her.

Today, Aubrey arrived to daycare, and Charlie was gone. There was no kiss at the bottom of the stairs, no “AWWWLEE” yelled from Aubrey’s mouth. It was too late. Elizabete found a good home for him. But that left us thinking, maybe we should have said yes on friday…..maybe we are ready for a dog. But, with the opportunity gone, we wait till ‘the time is right’ whenever that day comes.

Katie Rose xo

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Newport Skinny Tea, A Must In My Cupboard

Wildrosebuds.com: Skinny Tea


Wildrosebuds.com: Skinny Tea

For the past 2 weeks, I have been drinking this amazing Loose Tea Called Newport Skinny Tea. It is a “teatox” or a detox aided by drinking tea before your breakfast and lunch, and after your dinner. The tea is consumed to help aid in digestion. Since starting it, I have had way higher energy levels, less bloating, less cravings, and am starting to see my stomach flatter. Did I mention that it tastes great too. They have just release a new flavour to add into the mix called Corona Del Mar Paleo Lean Tea and it is delicious. I always drink my tea with a touch of honey and a bit of lemon, but with this new flavour, you don’t need to add a thing. I can easily take it on the go with me and my trusty loose tea travel mug, or have it at home in my comfies.

Are you interested in trying? Head on over to their online store. Once there, you can choose from 7day, 14 day, or 21 day kits. And, as a special offer to my readers, use code “Rosebuds25” in the coupon code box on the checkout page to receive 25% off your purchase.

Let me know how it works for you!

Katie Rose xo

Wildrosebuds.com: Skinny Tea Wildrosebuds.com: Skinny Tea Wildrosebuds.com: Skinny Tea

A Monday To Be Thankful For

Wildrosebuds.com: Thankful Monday Wildrosebuds.com: Thankful Monday Wildrosebuds.com: Thankful Monday Wildrosebuds.com: Thankful Monday Wildrosebuds.com: Thankful Monday

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada. It was definitely a monday to be thankful for. We had spent the whole weekend in Chester with my family, which was amazing. But we decided to spend our last day of the long weekend as a family of 3 being thankful for having each other. We grabbed a coffee and a cookie and headed to Point Pleasant Park. It was gorgeous and there was hardly any people off the path. So, as a family of 3 we skipped rocks into the ocean, played tag in the grass, and just sat enjoying our treats and our company. It may not sound like much, but that was a day to remember.

Katie Rose xo

My Thanksgiving Style

Wildrosebuds.com: Thanksgiving Wildrosebuds.com: Thanksgiving Wildrosebuds.com: Thanksgiving Wildrosebuds.com: Thanksgiving Wildrosebuds.com: Thanksgiving Wildrosebuds.com: ThanksgivingMy Look: Sweater- Thrifted, Jeans- Zara, Heels- NineWest, Earrings- Aldo

Today I am thankful for many things. I have had a hard few years but am thankful for how it has shaped me into what I am today.

I am thankful for:

  • My boys. They make my life worth starting each day and drive me to come home safe to them.
  • My family. With their support, encouragement, and love, I feel like I could do anything. I am also thankful for how much they love Aubrey.
  • The fact that we have a roof over our heads and food in our belly. It sometimes may feel like not a lot, it it is much more than most.
  • The seasons. Because with each one, a new goal begins.
  • You readers. Without you and this blog, I’m not sure how my mind would be. Thank you for letting me be me without backlash.

Happy Thanksgiving Eh!

Katie Rose xo

A lil’ Pumpkin Taste: Meals Made Simple Review

Wildrosebuds.com: Meals Made Simple Wildrosebuds.com: Meals Made Simple


Last night I finally opened up the new Against All Grain Paleo Cookbook called ‘Meals Made Simple’. My mother picked it up for me a few weeks ago, but until now, the time to hasn’t been there to actually make anything. Rob and I are trying very hard to get back on our pale diet. Our downfall is definitely snacks and sweets. So, last night I cracked open the cookbook and found something that would fulfill that fall craving we were having. It was her Paleo Pumpkin bread. Being both nut, grain and sugar free, it is something to cater to most dietary restrictions and the pumpkin was calling my name.


I started whipping up the ingredient and was pleasantly surprised. Her last cookbook was fantastic, but each recipe seemed a little daunting with the process you go through from start to finish. This book was different. you made the whole recipe in the food processor and then poured it into the loaf pan, easy peasy. Worrying I would have the same issue that I had with bread in the last book, I watched the oven like a hawk to make sure it was evenly cooked throughout. I placed the loaf over night on a cooling rack. This morning, we indulged. Let me tell you, that loaf was delicious. It was perfectly cooked and so fall-apart moist.

With the awesome turnout, I am excited to try out more from this book and definitely give it a must buy.

Katie Rose xo



Wildrosebuds.com: Meals Made Simple Wildrosebuds.com: Meals Made Simple