Essential Oils Essential Oils

As my social media Followers will know, I have joined forces with my eldest sister Hollie and have begun to sell doTERRA Essential Oils. New to me, I am spending a lot of my spare time lately learning how this company can better my family and my health. It is amazing to learn the benefits of having these natural oils in your house. But, I mean really, it does make sense. the way they introduce it is that each plant has their own way of healing themselves and warding off dangers. Why not learn from that and use it as humans instead of turning to chemicals and prescriptions. I just received my intro package containing 3 of their more popular essential oils. Essential OilsLavender:


 Essential OilsPeppermint: Essential OilsLemon:

There are many other things I want to teach and show you as I learn more. I will share as I go. If you want to order some for yourself to try, click here, or head to the Essential Oils Link at the top right corner of this page and it will take you right to the store front. Lets do this together.

Katie Rose xo

Houston, We Have A Crib Jumper Crib jumper

Well, at 18 months and 2 weeks old it happened. On Sunday, when nap time came around, we put Aubrey into his crib, said our sleepy tights and closed the door.  The whining started like always and usually lasts about 10 mins. But, instead of quieting down, we heard a loud THUMP! When we got to his room, we found him there, on the floor, starring up to us in pure anger. For the next 2 hours, I spent putting him back in the crib everytime he jumped out. Until, there was finally silence.  Thinking that he must have passed out on the pillows we placed around the crib for cushioning, I left him. After 45 mins of silence I thought it would be safe to go in and check on him. As I opened the door, I saw a snuggled little boy half asleep on the big rocking chair, book in hand (he tried to read so bad). At that point I realized that this wasn’t going to work so in the car we went, for an hour and a half which finally brought on an hour long nap.

Now comes the decision. Do we turn the crib into a toddler bed? Or do we leave it and just fight with him on the weekends for naps? Oh the joys of parenthood.

Katie Rose xo

Our Home: The Wood Box Wood Box Wood Box Wood Box Wood Box Wood Box

The look: Mug-Chapters, Pitcher-Target, French Press- Homesense (Love This One),  Lambskin- Ikea (Similar Here)

When we moved into our new home, We went on a search for fun rustic things that would match the character that was in the home already. Rob’s Mom, had a heap load of family things stored away in her basement that have been now put to use in our home. One of which, this old wood box that was from Rob’s grandfather. Because we have an awesome wood burning fireplace and, well, my family is in the wood cutting business, we decided to put it to use. The thing was, it became an eye sore, overflowing with paper to burn and wood at the bottom. Pinterest saved the day yet again. I kept seeing photos of living rooms similar to ours but using the wood as a focal point by turning it on its side. It was truly gorgeous. So, I did it to ours. The bonus? it became a second table to a small area with not much room for one otherwise. Thanks Pinterest. Below are some of the inspiration I went by. You can find more HERE too.

Katie Rose xo

wrwood2 wrwood1 wrwood

OBSESSIONS: A New Home Office

With so many things happening this coming year, it has become more and more aware to me that I need to create a new home office space. Something with less clutter, a clean look and tons of inspiration. So, whats a girl with a vision to do but hop onto Pinterest and check out ideas to inspire the perfect office. I love their online ‘Mood Boards’ i guess you would call it. There are so many elements that I love from many different finds on Pinterest. Here are a few of my top Favorites. Office Inspiration Office Inspiration Office Inspiration Office Inspiration Office Inspiration Office Inspiration


My birthday is coming up fast so here’s to giving myself my own getaway work space for my birthday. With Rob’s gift for building and my eye for design, Im sure it will end up fantastic.

Katie Rose xo

THE Leather Leggings Leather Legging Leather Legging Leather Legging Leather Legging Leather Legging Leather Legging Leather Legging Leather Legging Leather Legging

My Look: Jacket,Leather Leggings and Gloves- Club Monaco, Sweater(On Sale)- Banana Republic, Scarf- Dynamite, Necklace- Stella and Dot, Watch and Boots- Aldo

About 4 Years ago, my friend Emily was home from one of her many world adventures. We wanted to get new outfits to hit the town and our first stop, as always, was Club Monaco. They had just put out these pleather front leggings that fit amazingly, with the most comfortable waist band there has ever been on a pair of leggings. I wanted them. But, my funds were running low on my student income and there was a shirt that worked better with what I had in mind. Each season since then, they have brought those leggings back with a few different details but I kept my eye on them.

For 2015, I have set a goal of quality over quantity in both clothing and friends. With this goal, and the leggings finally being on sale, I did it, I bought them. Owning them has made me so happy and I have already started to plan outfits daily to wear them with. Don’t you love that feeling you get when you purchase something that you know is worth every penny? I sure do!

Katie Rose xo