Our Miscarriage Story

Widrosebuds.com: Our Miscarriage Story

Our announcement Photo we had prepared for you.

Widrosebuds.com: Our Miscarriage Story

Reflecting back to how lucky we already are. This is Aubrey at less than 24 hours old.


The past few weeks, many things have been put on the back burner in this family and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Then something horrible happened and I now want to share that with you instead. Our Miscarriage Story.

This Valentine’s day, we celebrated a bit differently. After a few days of being moody and short tempered, I decided to head for a drive to clear my head. I wounded up at Shoppers buying a pregnancy test. Rob and I had just had an argument so I went straight up to the washroom to take the test. It was positive. We had talked about adding to the family sooner than later but thought that it would take us a bit. I brought the test downstairs and gave it to Aubrey who then brought it to Rob. Once in his hands and he realized what it was, he started to well up with tears. We knew this pregnancy would be different. There would be no long distance relationship and missing big moments. We were so excited for this to be the dream “Pinterest” pregnancy that we wanted for Aubrey.

The next few weeks flew by, and besides the extreme nausea that wouldn’t go away with anything,  I never thought about the pregnancy.  My pants didn’t fit anymore, and by 9 weeks I started telling my Co workers because I couldn’t hide the belly anymore. With all that, we didn’t feel a connection to this pregnancy like we did with Aubrey. we blamed it on our busy life and the fact that it was our second. Time would tell that it was probably due to a different reason.

Last Friday I finished work early and as I was getting changed and ready to pick Aubrey up, I realized I was spotting. As the afternoon and night moved on, the bleeding Became worse. I visited duty clinic at my doctors office the next day and the news wasn’t promising. The doctor that saw me said that there was a 50/50 chance that I was having a miscarriage, and if the bleeding worsened, I should go to emerg.

Less than 36 hours later, we got my sister to watch our beautiful little boy and we headed to emergency to find out answers. While there, we were put through many tests and ultrasounds with still no answers. I was run down and emotionally drained. They sent us home with an appointment to come back the next day for a proper in depth ultrasound. I went and it just felt like false hope. Rob and I knew at that point what was happening and it was becoming more upsetting to us when people like the ultrasound tech, tried to tell us the baby was fine but our dates were off. I was sent home on bed rest until I could see the Early Pregnancy Complications Clinic. Well, before we could even see them, our fantastic Family doctor Gave me a call and finally gave me the answered I needed. It was a miscarriage and the baby stopped growing at 6 1/2 weeks. I was 11 weeks pregnant. So, we began to plan the next steps. After a few more tests and doctors appointments, we decided on an MVA. It was a quick procedure and pretty pain free with no going under. We are just happy that it is now done and over with. Finally now we can move on and try again.

Miscarriages are so common and natural and we as ladies should be open to talk about it. I’m lucky because I have a Hilarious little boy who makes me forget about the pain of losing a baby. But, to those of you who are having a hard time, you need to remember that this was not your fault. Something was wrong with the egg or sperm or even the way they meshed together. It’s nature’s way to end a pregnancy that would never have been able to survive anyways. We are here for eachother, to support each other, to listen and talk eachother through those feelings.

Please email me at info@wildrosebuds.com if you need someone to talk to.

Katie Rose xo

The Bunny Is Coming To Sunnyside Mall

Wildrosebuds.com: Bunny Time Wildrosebuds.com: Bunny Time Wildrosebuds.com: Bunny Time Wildrosebuds.com: Bunny Time

I’ve been stuck in the house all week, but thats ok because Spring is finally showing its pretty little face to us here in the Maritimes. We wake up to the sun coming up and the sound of birds singing, and although we are going through a rough time right now, it puts us in a good mood to start the day. With Spring, comes Easter and my house was looking pretty bare. So, to brighten it up with some Easter love, I whipped up a yummy chocolate cake with Baileys buttercream icing. Our Costco size bag of Mini Eggs came in handy for the decorating.

With easter means the bunny and although we are still a year away from starting those fun traditions that my parents did with us, having a visit with the Bunny is a must. When we were young and Eaton’s Department store was still around, we would go as a family to breakfast with Santa at christmas time. It was an amazing memory for us as kids. This year, Sunnyside Mall is bringing those memories back with Brunch with the Easter bunny this Saturday. It’s going to be held in our favourite restaurant Il Mercato and the menu looks delicious. And the best part…Aubrey will get to see and visit the Easter Bunny while we eat. Two birds, one stone, no line!! If your in the area, make sure you call ahead to book your table.

Not interested in the brunch but still wanting to have a visit with Mr. Bunny? they are introducing an easier way for us parents where you can shop while you wait for your turn. That cuts out those fits in the line as you wait in a slow moving line with big families. To learn more about both of these Bunny events, head to Sunnyside Mall’s site.

Can’t wait for a bunny good brunch with my family.

Katie Rose xo

Wildrosebuds.com: Bunny time Wildrosebuds.com: Bunny time

How To: A Spring Inspired Charcuterie Board with Wine Pairings

Wildrosebuds.com: Spring Charcuterie board

Wildrosebuds.com: Spring Charcuterie board

With Spring time starting and the snow finally slowly disappearing, I start to crave freshness. This means I’m gravitating towards salads, fresh fruit, and lighter dishes. Spring also causes everyone to come out of hibernation and celebrate the warmer weather. So it’s the perfect time to invite friends over for a glass of wine and a fun night in. The perfect snack for a group? A spring inspired charcuterie board.


I spent Saturday morning at Sunnyside Mall’s Pete’s where I picked out 3 delicious cheeses that are sure to be winners with guests. I also grabbed fresh berries, an amazing locally made sweet and tangy relish, and the most delicious olives I have ever had.

Wildrosebuds.com: Spring Charcuterie board

  • Urban Blue Cheese By Blue harbour- a fresh and light blue cheese locally made here in Halifax. It’s a great cheese for people who are afraid to try traditional blue cheese as it doesn’t have the blue ‘look’ to it. Its creamy and salty, going well with fresh berries and red wine

Wildrosebuds.com: Spring Charcuterie board

  • Le Pleine Lune Brie by Fromagerie 1860 DuVillage- this Brie is like nothin I’ve had before. It’s strong for a Brie with an earthy taste but also light and buttery in texture. Visually, it’s appealing with a black tint to its rind. It pairs well with both the Reds and Whites that I’m testing out.

Wildrosebuds.com: Spring Charcuterie board

  • Le Cendrillon Goats Cheese- I have never experienced a goat cheese with a rind, but was very pleasantly surprised. It’s very creamy, rich and flavourful. It has more of a ripened cheese taste. It goes well with crisp white wines.


After I hade my yummy snacks in toe, I headed next door in the mall to Cristall Wine Merchants where the very friendly Manager picked out 2 red and 2 White wines that would go well with my cheeses as well as being fresh with fruit undertones to match that spring time theme. Another plus, they are all at amazing price point of under $20. Being affordable is something they strive for.

Wildrosebuds.com: Spring Charcuterie boardWildrosebuds.com: Spring Charcuterie board



  • Nature Casa Rojo- this wine is made in Spain form organic grapes, which catches my eye before even tasting it. It is made with Tempranillo grapes, which makes it full-bodied with a fruity taste and berry aromas. It’s a very dry wine with tartness to it. It will go perfect with your early spring barbeque dinners.
  • Domaine Chupin Anjou- a French wine made with Cabernet Franc. This wine is what Rob likes to call “dirty” with its earthy taste. You can taste pepper, blackcurrant and a smoky afternote. But, the crisp strawberry nose makes it surprisingly refreshing.

Wildrosebuds.com: Spring Charcuterie board Wildrosebuds.com: Spring Charcuterie board


  • Rex Goliath Pinot Grigio- this wine is so crisp and fruity, with strong notes of apple. It really awakens the taste buds. I can picture curling up on the deck on the warmer spring nights with a glass of this wine to relax with.
  • Nature Casa Rojo- Made with Airen grapes in Spain, this organic white is light and citrusy. It’s the epitome of fresh, like a spring crocus breaking through the snow-covered ground. It is a perfect wine for those warmer spring days and hot summer evenings.


A few hints for a good charcuterie board:

  • Have a good balance of salty and sweet
  • Do a mixture of both soft and hard cheeses as well as strong and light
  • Have at least one condiment such as mustard or chutney
  • Serve with both soft breads and crackers


Katie Rose xo

The Start To a New Office

Wildrosebuds.com: Office Wildrosebuds.com: Office Wildrosebuds.com: Office Wildrosebuds.com: Office Wildrosebuds.com: Office Wildrosebuds.com: Office Wildrosebuds.com: Office Wildrosebuds.com: Office

After saving my pennies over the last few months, I finally put an order in to Ikea to spruce up my office. In the past 2 months, it has gone from the larger spar bedroom (now Aubrey’s room) to the smallest room in the house. We were on a tight budget, but for a total of under $350, I turned a hectic, messy office into one that I’m now excited to sit in. And this is only the beginning. We are still having to add shelves to the closet beside my desk and organize it, as well as adding a twin bed to the room for Nana’s visits that will be a daybed/couch for reading, and meetings the rest of the time. But, each detail that has come together thus far, I am loving.

Let me fill you in on it all….


^^This was what I was blogging in before. It was small, unorganized, and a dumping ground for everything we didn’t have a place for. Let just say it was very uninspiring. Aubrey’s room was bare with everything beside his clothes packed in boxes still waiting to be hung and decorated. But because it was so tiny, and was so close to the stairs, I never wanted to set roots in there for him. So at the end of January, we bagged up the second Queen bed, stored it in the basement, and made the bigger room Aubrey’s room, with photos hung and all. That left an empty room with tons of potential. We have a chalkboard wall in the dining room that I love, and after scouring Pinterest (see it here), I decided that I loved the idea of one in contrast to a white desk in my office. We had a can of paint left from the dining room, so after Aubrey was in bed, I began to paint. I love it. But, it made the furniture look that much more out of place from my vision. (see photo below)


So, with my birthday money, plus a bit more, I scoured Ikea for simple white office items that screamed me. I love the white chair that I ordered (so comfortable) and the fact that it has removable washable slipcovers seals the deal for me. The table I chose was simple and clean and gave me enough leg room to do a seated dance if I had to sit there for hours. Lastly, I added 2 photo ledges to the cart. These things are amazing for anything from Photos or books, to spices in your kitchen. I knew that they would display my new artwork that I had won from The Hanger Boutique perfectly. The light, made from a mason jar was a DIY that Rob and I worked on. steps will be on the blog soon. The Weekly calendar is large and literally in charge, showing me the plan for the upcoming week. On my desk is cute storage. Uashmama washable paper bags hold my little doodads from tacks for my future cork board, to clips, stickers and stamps. I really am loving the vibe I get as I sit here blogging. Stay tuned for more details as they come together.

Katie Rose xo

The Rare Date Night

Wildrosebuds.com: Date Night Wildrosebuds.com: Date Night Wildrosebuds.com: Date Night Wildrosebuds.com: Date Night Wildrosebuds.com: Date Night

My Look: Dress- The Hanger Boutique, Jacket- Club Monaco (similar), Scarf- H&M (similar), Boots- Aldo,  Necklace- Envy (see here also), Purse- Old Gift

Last week Rob and I went on a very Rare date night. My mom, before leaving for her 3 month trip around Europe, won 2 tickets to a play at our local big theatre Neptune Theatre. I had to work until 6 that night so there was a mad rush of changing from working mom to hot fiancée, plus eating and giving my mother-in-law the run down of getting Aubrey to bed. We finally made it downtown and scoured for a parking spot. Once everything was done, the sun was still out and it was almost feeling like spring. We went in about 5 mins before the play started, found our seats, front row centre, and relaxed in for a play we knew nothing about. Well 1.5 hours later, it ended and we had officially watched our first one woman show. It was very depressing about a woman who’s loved ones had all either died or disowned her. She was searching for the reason for life. We still aren’t sure if we really liked it but if definitly made us think.

The night was still early and I have been craving anything sweet, so Rob and I headed to the middle spoon for dessert and a drink. We hadn’t been there before but found a cosy seat at the back side by side so that we could enjoy talking to each other without the world hearing. It was the first time that we have had an evening out like that in a very long time and it felt really good.

Fingers crossed a night like that will happen more often.

Because I had such a magical Night in this dress, I want you to have one too. Head to The Hanger Boutique and use coupon code KATIE to get 20% off your purchase. You can use it to find your perfect date look.

Have Fun Shopping!

Katie Rose xo

P.S. Until March 31st remember that you can receive 10% off your purchase of a regular priced accessory from Envy Clothing by showing a photo of me wearing this necklace.