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Independence is a Virtue For a Toddler

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my Instagram or like me on Facebook . Thanks for visiting! This Sunday, we had a busy day going from our favorite small ocean town of Mahone Bay, to picking up our pumpkins we planted this spring in the center of our province at Ross […]

Apple Picking In The Annapolis Valley

Last weekend we had one of those days where everything was planned out and ready to go. But, when the plan was put into motion, nothing went right. The whole start of the day felt like that. Rob had a rare day off on a weekend, so we wanted to do something fun. Up until […]

Bend Skincare: A Magical Youth Serum

Working in Halifax’s Bar industry for many years had its perks. One of them, the best one, was meeting so many amazing and talented people. One of those people was a tall, dark and handsome man name Marc St. Onge. As I worked the door of the booming restaurant Seven, He would keep me company […]