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My Fitness Journey: 13 Months Postpartum

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my Instagram or like me on Facebook . Thanks for visiting!As you all know, I have been on a fitness journey since having Poppy. I’ve documented it all because I wanted you fellow moms to know that its ok to not look like a celebrity […]

The Importance Of Sunglasses With Cleary

As summer gets into full swing, I find as a mom we always start worrying about protecting our kids with the best sun suits, hats, sunscreen, etc. by the time the are out into the sun and heat, they are as protected from everything as they can get. As moms, we are lucky enough if […]

Aubrey And Poppy’s Royal Birthday Party

l find it so hard to swallow the pill that my kids are a year older. I still remember bringing Aubrey into the world in detail. 27 hours of labor, 2 shots of morphine, and finally an epidural at hour 21. I remember the doctor asking me if I’d like to touch the head after […]