Boso Bamboo: A New Secret Treasure Bamboo

When you think about how long a baby, or even an adult, spends in pyjamas, you may get kind of blown away. Aubrey, for instance, has a bath after dinner each night around 6pm and is changed into a pair of pjs for the night. He doesn’t wake up the following morning until 7am and stays in his pjs until his breakfast is done. Thats 14 hours in the same outfit. That is more time than he is in any other clothing, which makes me realize that those pyjama should be amazing and comfortable. Another thing is quality because they are going to get washed…A LOT.

I was told about Boso Bamboo when I was planning my trip to Sunnyside mall and was eager to check it out. Based in Wolfville, and now with a location in Sunnyside Mall, this store is a local gold mine. It specializes in all things, you guessed it, Bamboo, and does a great job at it. Not only do they carry amazing pjs that withstand both Aubrey and the washer, but they also carry clothing for the whole family, linens, towels, and more.

I don’t know if you know much about bamboo, but its pretty amazing. Not only does it keep you 2 degrees cooler in summer and 2 degrees warmer in winter but it also is hypoallergenic, antifungal, biodegradable, and wicks away moisture three times better than cotton. Lets just call it miracle material.

Now to find a pair of pyjamas for myself.

Katie Rose xo Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo

Fresh Eyes at Sunnyside Mall

My fondest memories with my grandparents, would be those days that they would take my sister and I to halifax. They were (Grandad still is) from Sheffield, England. There were many foods, snacks and candies that they missed. So, Pete’s in Sunnyside Mall, Bedford was the place to go. We would sometimes get to go with them and it was a big treat for us. We both would end up picking a bag of candies we liked (jelly babies for me please) and we would walk around the mall, going to all Grandma’s shops. Those days that I was motion sick from the drive in, Grandma would take me into a bakery beside Pete’s and would get me a ginger chewy to calm my stomach. It always worked and that cookie will always be my favourite. Sunnyside Mall


With my grandmother passed, and my grandfather now living out in BC, I hardly find myself in that mall. Which as a young mom is kind of a shame. Recently I went back and got to have a walk through with Lindsay, a gorgeous and super friendly lady who runs their PR. I saw the mall in a whole new light. They have turned my grandmothers favourite shopping destination in to something for the whole family. There are awesome children stores like Bib’n Tucker, Stores for the whole family like Boso Bamboo, and even an Indigo Spirit Bookstore with teddies and children’s books lining the front display.

If that wasn’t enough to entice a mother of a young child, they have dedicated a whole retail space to a Mommy and kids play area. They call it the Rowen and Lily Lounge. The dim lighting and comfy seating are heaven for new moms who want to nurse their baby into that awesome milk drunk coma. This was probably my hardest thing to find when Aubrey was still that young. In the back corner, it is outfitted with a change table for those quick changes instead of searching for a mall bathroom, or having to throw a change pad on the floor. The walls, outfitted with shelving and slowly filling up with toys for kids to borrow. This place is a perfect getaway for us moms on those rainy days. You want to get out and hang with friends, but you don’t want your kids to tear each others house apart. Its like a common ground. With a Second cup in the mall close by, I see myself and a few of my fellow mommy friends grabbing a drink and joining together in the Mommy Lounge to talk mom while the kids play safe.

See you there,

Katie Rose xo

(taken by Sunnyside Mall)

(taken by Sunnyside Mall) Sunnyside Mall

(taken by Sunnyside Mall)

(taken by Sunnyside Mall) Sunnyside Mall

(taken by Sunnyside Mall)

(taken by Sunnyside Mall) Sunnyside Mall

A Dog For Aubrey

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There is a dog at Aubrey’s daycare. His name is Charlie and he is a huge friendly golden retriever. Every morning when Aubrey arrives, if Charlie can, he greats him at the bottom of the stairs (he is kept upstairs during the day) Aubrey puts out his hand and Charlie gives him a kiss. Giggles shortly fill the air. And this repeats each day, each week. The bond has even become so strong, that “Charlie Dog” is a staple in Aubrey’s very short list of vocabulary.

Elizabete, our daycare lady, had let us know when we shared our want for a dog for Aubrey with her, that she is looking for a better home for Charlie. She doesn’t feel like she or her now grown kids have to time for him and would like to find a better place. She offered him to us many times in the past 2 months, with us saying we would have to think about it each time. Seeing Aubrey’s love for him tempted us, but to not raise and train a dog from a pup really worried us. So, we kept putting off our answer to her.

Today, Aubrey arrived to daycare, and Charlie was gone. There was no kiss at the bottom of the stairs, no “AWWWLEE” yelled from Aubrey’s mouth. It was too late. Elizabete found a good home for him. But that left us thinking, maybe we should have said yes on friday…..maybe we are ready for a dog. But, with the opportunity gone, we wait till ‘the time is right’ whenever that day comes.

Katie Rose xo

Newport Skinny Tea, A Must In My Cupboard Skinny Tea Skinny Tea

For the past 2 weeks, I have been drinking this amazing Loose Tea Called Newport Skinny Tea. It is a “teatox” or a detox aided by drinking tea before your breakfast and lunch, and after your dinner. The tea is consumed to help aid in digestion. Since starting it, I have had way higher energy levels, less bloating, less cravings, and am starting to see my stomach flatter. Did I mention that it tastes great too. They have just release a new flavour to add into the mix called Corona Del Mar Paleo Lean Tea and it is delicious. I always drink my tea with a touch of honey and a bit of lemon, but with this new flavour, you don’t need to add a thing. I can easily take it on the go with me and my trusty loose tea travel mug, or have it at home in my comfies.

Are you interested in trying? Head on over to their online store. Once there, you can choose from 7day, 14 day, or 21 day kits. And, as a special offer to my readers, use code “Rosebuds25” in the coupon code box on the checkout page to receive 25% off your purchase.

Let me know how it works for you!

Katie Rose xo Skinny Tea Skinny Tea Skinny Tea

A Monday To Be Thankful For Thankful Monday Thankful Monday Thankful Monday Thankful Monday Thankful Monday

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada. It was definitely a monday to be thankful for. We had spent the whole weekend in Chester with my family, which was amazing. But we decided to spend our last day of the long weekend as a family of 3 being thankful for having each other. We grabbed a coffee and a cookie and headed to Point Pleasant Park. It was gorgeous and there was hardly any people off the path. So, as a family of 3 we skipped rocks into the ocean, played tag in the grass, and just sat enjoying our treats and our company. It may not sound like much, but that was a day to remember.

Katie Rose xo