DIY Advent Calendar



With Aubrey being very sensitive to sugars, and the fact that its horrible for you, we wanted to do a homemade Advent calendar this year instead of the classic chocolate ones. This way we can cater each gift each day to what he would enjoy. This means, instead of gifts, Sundays, will have little slips of paper surprising him with a trip to his indoor play park. This way, it brings us as a family taking part instead of just a little sweet early in the morning.

To make it is surprisingly easy. We used our chalkboard wall in the dining room to make as the backdrop. Everything cost less than $60 and were from only 2 stores, which makes it easy for you busy moms.

What you will need:

  • 24 burlap or muslin sacks (Michaels)
  • Number Stencils (Michaels)
  • Paint brush (Michaels)
  • White paint (Michaels)
  • Fairy Lights (I believe these are 10+ feet long which was perfect) (homesense)
  • Clothespins (Michaels or Dollar Store)
  • An anchor for the top, this is from Michaels on crazy sale but this could be whatever you would like it to be.


  1. Stencil the numbers onto the sacks from 1-24. Making sure you place a piece of cardboard inside the sack so that the paint doesn’t bleed throughDSC_0013
  2. Nail or tack a design for the lights onto the wall giving enough width each run so that about 5 sacks can hang. DSC_0017
  3. Zig zag the lights starting from the bottom back and forth circling once around each nail to secure. If you have extra, work your way back down each nail. Mine were long enough to double up the whole way down.
  4. Hang your anchor, such as our Steer head in the top centre above the lightsDSC_0005
  5. Start hanging each sack with clothes pins onto the string of lights.
  6. Fill sacks with goodies
  7. Start counting down till christmas.


Katie-Rose xo


A Hair Removal Update



As I had said in the first post from my Laser hair removal Journey with Vitality Medi Spa, I want to update you readers on how the treatment is going and how long it actually takes to rid yourself of those annoying hairs I so often forget to shave under your arms. Well I am about to go for my 3rd treatment and having only had two under my belt, i have to say the hair is dramatically different. it takes about a week to get anything visual and what does grow is light and fine. Now, I don’t have the perfect hair for this by any means, Im fair with fair hair which usually means it will take a few more treatments then say a person with fair shin and dark hair. But, thus far i have been overly impressed. The treatment itself is pretty uncomfortable, but, the staff and their smiles at Vitality, make me feel welcome and comfortable. Now on to treatment #3.

Katie Rose xo

A Holiday Look With Envy

envy-2 copy envy-3 copy envy-6 copy envy-7 copy envy-11 envy-10


With the Holiday Parties Beginning, My mind starts visioning looks to wear for each event I have. But in the world of Body- Con Dresses everywhere, My mind kept dreading throwing on that skin tight, token sparkle dress. You know, the kind that required spanx and you can eat one pea comfortably without worrying about your stomach size in it, comparing yourself to every other girl in the room with the same dress. This Party season, I wanted something I can enjoy myself in. I want my only worries to be on those things that really do matter like getting to say hi to everyone, making sure I’ve eaten all my favourites, and most importantly enjoying myself.

I turned to Envy Clothing Company find the perfect look to rock with confidence and comfort. This party skirt is IT! With a stretchy material and landing on the smallest part of my waist, I felt completely comfortable in it. Not to mention the back bow detail that can actually be moved to the front if you wanted to add a bang to your entrance. I paired it with one of their amazing cross front body suits. The thong allows you to both not worry about panty lines and not have to continually tuck it in throughout the night of dancing. Over top I threw on a sweater I bought from Envy 5 years ago and still wear often. For Jewellery, I went with simple and classic earrings and a bracelet that both screamed vintage. The great thing about this look is that It will suit every body type out there.

Now, when your out shopping for your parties, go for something like this that you won’t have to fuss with. Christmas is all about being with the people you love, not fussing over your weight.

Katie Rose xo

My Frames for Winter With 1

clearly-2 clearly-3 clearly-1 clearly-6 clearly-7 clearly-9 clearly-8


As the temperature dips and the chunky knits come out, I find myself gravitating to chunkier items throughout all of my surroundings. My throw pillows become thick and furry, my clothing become knitted and warm, even my indoor flip flops are opted out for a warm and cosy slipper. One thing that you never really realize also has a season, are glasses. During the warm summer months I tend to wear contacts most days and resort to sunglasses 24/7. But, with the drier air, your eyes seem to suffer, so I resort to glasses a large portion of my winters. But, like most of the others surroundings, they too becomes a bit thicker. With the throw back trend high, I opted for a thick rimmed pair from When you wear as many turtlenecks as me, you need a statement frame with just as much presence and these called my name. They are all business when you pair them with your power suit, yet the perfect feel of comfort paired with that sweater dress on a cold christmas morning. Best of all, has amazing prices, come straight to your door, and are fantastic at working with you to get the perfect fit and feel. So, opt for a chunkier bold frame this season and take a risk.

Katie Rose xo

Why I Blog

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In the past 3 years of blogging, this question, or the rude comments have popped up many times.

Why do I blog?

Well, you know what….it’s not why you think. Every blogger out there has their own reasons. Many, see the lux life of those huge bloggers like Happily Grey and The Blonde Salad making millions for posting on instagram and will do what ever they can to grab that fame and run with it. Then, there are girls like my childhood best friend Keisha of Loving Little Blog whos new and blogs because she lives a world away from all of her family and friends. Its a way for us to feel part of her life. And then there are girls like me. I started Wild Rosebuds as many of you know, because I needed an out for my thoughts in my head. It was a way of therapy for me, and to state the facts of my life instead of allowing people to make judgement calls and rumors from my Facebook profile. And, yes, within the past years, paychecks have come from companies that I believe in and 100% I work for them. But, I also turn many down. Yes, sometimes I have moments of forgetting what I do this for and yes my blog has evolved into much more than a coping journal for the stresses in my life. But, I do this for ME, not for you (though I love when my words inspire or help) I don’t do this for the money because to be honest, those sponsored posts are few and far between. I don’t have a dream of being famous. My dream is to work a great job with purpose that makes a steady income to support our family and life comfortably. That is not something I ever expect to happen through my blog. Because I am real to myself about that fact, my content is real. I don’t post selfies to “get attention” or talk about companies “to gain likes and followers”. Those things do sometimes happen, but I do it because you readers and followers are my friends in a way. If you got a sweater on sale for $4, your gonna want to tell your family and friends about it so they can too. If I find an amazing product that I now use everyday, I’m going to want to recommend it to who ever listens. Every statement is from the heart not the wallet and I want you to be aware of that. In this world when girls are saying that social media is fake, well it can be. But, me? I’m real and will continue to be.

Katie Rose xo