A Safe Haven Of Our Own

Wildrosebuds: Safe Haven Wildrosebuds: Safe Haven Wildrosebuds: Safe Haven Wildrosebuds: Safe Haven Wildrosebuds: Safe Haven

As Aubrey gets older, and we sink into work, we are finding ourselves heading out of the city as often as possible, if even only to my parents. For us, its our safe haven, our getaway from the city. Yes the house we moved into in July is fantastic, but the feeling us country bumpkins get when we are out in the fresh air is like nothing else. Its almost like we can relax more deeply. We feel no worries of letting Aubrey burn around in the yard and field with no sounds of passing cars and sirens. We let our true selves out.

Unfortunately, for a young family like us, being able to have a place like this with our own name on it is very hard. We dream of owning an old farmhouse with a ton of charm tucked away out of the city, but the reality is that it is going to take a while before we will be able to purchase it. Conversations in the past with neighbours and friends affect our mind heavily. A house just outside the city lines would cost a mere $40,000 dollars in the 1970-1990’s. Now, you are lucky to get a townhouse with all its shared walls for less than $250,000. This leaves us paying for someone else’s mortgage, and borrowing my parents Safe Haven. But, you know what? Im ok with that for now. We are together and that is all that matters to me.

Katie Rose xoWildrosebuds: Safe Haven Wildrosebuds: Safe Haven Wildrosebuds: Safe Haven Wildrosebuds: Safe Haven

Top 9 From Nine West

Wildrosebuds.com: Nine West

1: Dashiell Boot 2: Brodie Slip-on 3:Authority Sandal 4: Borderline Tote 5: Sadie Satchel 6: Borderline Clutch 7: Callen Pump 8: Alishka Flat 9: Miraculous Bootie 

With Nine West opening its first location in Nova Scotia on monday, I am getting a little…..I mean a lot…. excited about grabbing some new shoes and accessories to tie into my Fall wardrobe. This means hours spent on their site, picturing different looks I could do just by adding their products. So I thought I would share with you my top 9 Favourites for this fall. It was very hard let me tell you to narrow this down to 9. I think it started with 20 items I was wanting. Alas, here are my choices that i don’t think I can live without. What is your Favorite?

Katie Rose xo

Nine West Opens Monday

Wildrosebuds.com: Ninewest

Nine West has always been that store I looked forward to going to when travelling to big cities. I remember being on Bloor street for the first time since moving back home to Halifax, and thinking “first stop, Nine West”. They were having their summer sale on and there were these gorgeous wedges, the perfect hight, in beige, on sale. I had to have them. 7 years later, stained and all, I still pull them out from time to time and they are in the back of my mind when I try on similar shoes to try to replace them. Nine West is a company that I have to say, is just as comfortable as they are stylish. From their heels to their flats, you know you are getting an item that will last and will not kill you.

This week, I found out that they are coming to Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth and am beyond excited to make this store my go to first stop when needing to make an outfit.

Are you in the area? Come join them for their ribbon cutting grand opening at 9:30 am. If you are one of the first 100 customers, you will a $50 gift card for your next visit.

Can’t make it that early? no worries, they have 20% your purchase for the whole day.

Hope to see you there!

Katie Rose xo

Fall Work Finds

Wildrosebuds.com: Fall Work Finds Wildrosebuds.com: Fall Work Finds Wildrosebuds.com: Fall Work Finds Wildrosebuds.com: Fall Work Finds Wildrosebuds.com: Fall Work Finds


My Look: Jacket- Winners, Top- Zara, Pants- H&M, Shoes- Target, Purse- Club Monaco, Watch- Michael Kors, Bracelet- Rob made

My fall budget for clothing this year is small at best. So, when I realized I needed pants (pregnancy stretched out all my other ones) I had $30 in my hand and wanted to see how far it could get me. H&M is by far my favourite place to shop when I want something that lasts but am on a tight budget. These pants were only $14.94. Thats right, you read it perfectly fine. With a gold side zip and a mid rise, they had me at hello. That meant, I still had $15 left in my hands. So, what better place to end up but Target when they are having a sale. These shoes were on the clearance rack and cost $8.94. No Im not joking. And after wearing them for a good 9 hours straight running around at work, they are surprisingly comfy. I know I have lack of colour but thats just me. I love my nude, black and white because it automatically gives me a feeling of being put together. And this day, I FELT PUT TOGETHER!

Katie Rose xo

She’s A Keeper- A New Daycare

Wildrosebuds.com: New Daycare Wildrosebuds.com: New Daycare

So its happened. Aubrey started his new daycare on Monday and we have fallen in love. This gorgeous Brazilian that goes by Elisabet…thats right no ‘h’, is better than I ever could have imagined. She’s a keeper. Her house has been completely transformed into a daycare for kids 1-3 yrs old and holds only 5 at a time. This means that Aubrey gets one on one attention a lot of the day because the other kids are older than him and pretty self sufficient. Did I mention she has 6 years of ECE education behind her? Oh yes, a 4 year degree from brazil, and a 2 year diploma from here. That means that she actually teaches instead of just letting the babies go mad with toys and keeping them alive.

Day One was smooth sailing, Instead of Aubrey crying when I left like he has done for the past 2 months at the old daycare, this time he pretty much forced me to leave. AND….HE LEARNED HOW TO DOODLE. I have been trying to get him to with crayons but they must seem too much like food. She has one of those doodler pads and it worked like a charm.

The rest of the week seemed to get better and better. She has even started to teach him how to eat with cutlery which has also been a troublesome point with me. But, with the hints that she gave me, I will keep trying at home.

Knowing Aubrey is being so well taken care of by a woman who loved raising her own 3 kids so much that she has dedicated her life to raising others, makes my guilt of not being able to care for him so much easier to handle. Yes I will still miss his first real word, and many other day to day accomplishments, but I know he is getting the attention and love and care that he needs. The kind you can’t find in a mass daycare setting.

It can only go up from here!

Katie Rose xo