Resistance Band Workout For Legs

I had posted an Instagram Story earlier this week, talking about how much I am loving my resistance band workout and how it’s easy enough to do while watching the kids. Now, I am going to start this by saying that I am in no way a personal trainer or certified at all. But, I […]

20 Minute At Home Workout For January

Ok Guys, Its official. I have the privilege of having a good friend as a Personal Trainer and we have joined forces to create a way to have NO EXC– USES on working out. She has designed a 20 minute work out for you each month, with little to no equipment that can be found […]

My New Workout Secret

As Halifax finally starts to show signs of Spring, we are all reminded that summer is not far behind. Ahhh summer……hot sun, beach, oh yeah and bikinis. I know especially after what my body has gone through this winter, I am far from in bikini shape. To help me get there,i have a workout secret, […]