Resetting Our Health And Diet With Paleo

Oh My Gosh guys, So many times we go Paleo, and with in months, weeks or sometimes days (hands over face) we are back to consuming delicious sugary snacks that wreak havoc on our tummy and health. I guess we could say we are like Jillian Harris’ Veganish but in regards to Paleo. Times need […]

Quick And Easy Non-Dairy Strawberry Milk

Coming to the last leg of my pregnancy, the cravings for fresh fruit and vegetables has become overwhelming. But,  like most pregnant women, I am also craving for horrible foods that give me a flash back to my childhood. You know, the early nineties, where milk allergies hadn’t really been heard of yet and every […]

No Bake Easy Fruit Flan

This weekend was my Mother-in-law’s birthday, and she was coming to stay with us. Naturally, that meant cake and I’m pregnant so of course I was going to take advantage of having a sweet treat in the house. Having hit the nesting phase of my pregnancy, I was wanting to be the perfect wife and […]