Paleo Bullet Proof Coffee Latte

After sharing a few instastories on how I make my addiction of bullet proof coffee, I’ve had so many of you private message me asking why they can’t find the post on my blog.Well….I hadn’t done one….until now. So here is a quick run down on how we make our bullet proof coffee ‘latte’ style. […]

Paleo Chocolate Irish Cream Whiskey

There is nothing that breaks my heart more, being lactose intolerant and 80% Paleo, than missing that coffee on Christmas morning with a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream Whiskey into it. So this year, Rob and I started playing around with Paleo Irish Cream Recipes we had found on Pinterest. After 3 different batches over […]

Quick And Easy Non-Dairy Strawberry Milk

Coming to the last leg of my pregnancy, the cravings for fresh fruit and vegetables has become overwhelming. But,  like most pregnant women, I am also craving for horrible foods that give me a flash back to my childhood. You know, the early nineties, where milk allergies hadn’t really been heard of yet and every […]

Paleo Mocha Frappuccino

Winter is hard when you have a toddler as many of you cold climate mommas may know. And with each bitter cold snowy weekend, you try to find ways to entertain the little one. Of course this is tiring work. In the middle of the last storm, I craved for a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. But, […]