Paleo Italien Spaghetti Squash Casserole

As I sit here and write this post, the weather station beside me says that it is -5 outside. Well that explains why all I want is warm fatty comfort food, the opposite of what my body likes to process. Recently, Rob and I had a discussion about how its human intuition to prepare themselves […]

Paleo Sugar Cookie Cutouts

As a kid, I LOVED baking. I was always bullied and so when my mother asked me to help her bake, it was a stress reliever where I could focus on something totally different. Sugar cookies were my favorite to make and experiment with. I would switch up the extract with almond, lemon, or even mint […]

West Lake Soup Made Decoeli Style

Every time we reset back to paleo eating, there are a few recipes we constantly refer back to. Of course, these were the first recipes we ever made when we switched to Paleo right after Aubrey was born. They were quick, easy and full of flavor, which helps in the transition. 4 years later, we […]