Quick And Easy Non-Dairy Strawberry Milk

Coming to the last leg of my pregnancy, the cravings for fresh fruit and vegetables has become overwhelming. But,  like most pregnant women, I am also craving for horrible foods that give me a flash back to my childhood. You know, the early nineties, where milk allergies hadn’t really been heard of yet and every […]

Flourish, A Lifestyle Change.

They say that abs happen in the kitchen, which I think is very true. But along with abs, the kitchen brings happiness, fulfilment and much,much more. Having many food allergies, it’s work to eat right and after Christmas, I was starting to give up. Then, with the trauma that both my body and mind has […]

My New Workout Secret

As Halifax finally starts to show signs of Spring, we are all reminded that summer is not far behind. Ahhh summer……hot sun, beach, oh yeah and bikinis. I know especially after what my body has gone through this winter, I am far from in bikini shape. To help me get there,i have a workout secret, […]