Getting Answers For My Stomach Issues

I know on here I usually focus on the positive side of things when it comes to my fitness and health. From body positivity to workouts, I love letting you all into my tips and tricks. But, sometimes there are health issues lurking underneath that need to be dealt with before you can really see a […]

Gym Hair With Albion Fit

We are probably all deep into the swing of 2017 and all those New Years resolutions for getting healthier and more active. But 3 weeks in may have you bored of the whole gym look you are rocking. I will admit that if I am home with my kids, I am probably in some form […]

Bend Skincare: A Magical Youth Serum

Working in Halifax’s Bar industry for many years had its perks. One of them, the best one, was meeting so many amazing and talented people. One of those people was a tall, dark and handsome man name Marc St. Onge. As I worked the door of the booming restaurant Seven, He would keep me company […]

Flourish, A Lifestyle Change.

They say that abs happen in the kitchen, which I think is very true. But along with abs, the kitchen brings happiness, fulfilment and much,much more. Having many food allergies, it’s work to eat right and after Christmas, I was starting to give up. Then, with the trauma that both my body and mind has […]

My New Workout Secret

As Halifax finally starts to show signs of Spring, we are all reminded that summer is not far behind. Ahhh summer……hot sun, beach, oh yeah and bikinis. I know especially after what my body has gone through this winter, I am far from in bikini shape. To help me get there,i have a workout secret, […]