West Lake Soup Made Decoeli Style

Every time we reset back to paleo eating, there are a few recipes we constantly refer back to. Of course, these were the first recipes we ever made when we switched to Paleo right after Aubrey was born. They were quick, easy and full of flavor, which helps in the transition. 4 years later, we […]

Resetting Our Health And Diet With Paleo

Oh My Gosh guys, So many times we go Paleo, and with in months, weeks or sometimes days (hands over face) we are back to consuming delicious sugary snacks that wreak havoc on our tummy and health. I guess we could say we are like Jillian Harris’ Veganish but in regards to Paleo. Times need […]

Bend Beauty Giveaway

You have read it here before, but one of my favorite products in my skincare routine has to be my Bend Beauty Anti-aging formula. if you are having issues with uneven skin tone, breakouts, fine lines,  or want to protect your skin from the sun from the inside out, I can’t say enough about this […]