The Bangs Debate

I DID IT! I got bangs. It was a spur of the moment decision last night after throwing the idea around for a few years and I knew if I didn’t book the appointment first thing, I would chicken out because I’d have too much time to think. Why Bangs? Well, over a month ago, […]

Trusting The Pros At HS Studio

I have had a life of struggles with my hair. From sinus medication making it fall out when I was really young, to having the worst haircuts and boxed dye experience, heading to the hairdresser makes me shake in my boots. Each time I head for a trim, I’m reminded of that time I had […]

New Hair: Ombre

Ok, Ok I know the Ombre style is ages old now and that I am super late to hop on this band wagon, but it doesn’t look like its dying out anytime soon(pardon the pun 😉 ). So, after a year of dying my hair very dark, I realized (after not going in over 6 […]