Resistance Band Workout For Legs

I had posted an Instagram Story earlier this week, talking about how much I am loving my resistance band workout and how it’s easy enough to do while watching the kids. Now, I am going to start this by saying that I am in no way a personal trainer or certified at all. But, I […]

Discovering My Body Dysmorphia

PJs c/o Today I decided to fix my storage problem on my laptop, by attaching my external hard drive from my old computer up to it to start saving files onto. I decided to open it up and browse through forgotten photos of my life between high school and Aubrey. In it, I came across […]

A Body Love Update

My Look: Suit Two months have flown by since having Poppy. Some of it has been great, and some of it not so great. The busy-ness that summer brings has also caused me to fail on some of my body goals. But, I am ok with that. It has been 4 weeks since I was […]