Peach Kentucky Mule Cocktails

Last Week, Rob and I celebrated our First Anniversary at the restaurant we eloped in last year. While enjoying our time together without kids or even talk of kids, Rob ordered a Kentucky mule with our appetizer. Being lovers of ginger beer, we instantly became obsessed with the drink. Tonight, we were supposed to have friends over […]

Quick And Easy Non-Dairy Strawberry Milk

Coming to the last leg of my pregnancy, the cravings for fresh fruit and vegetables has become overwhelming. But,  like most pregnant women, I am also craving for horrible foods that give me a flash back to my childhood. You know, the early nineties, where milk allergies hadn’t really been heard of yet and every […]

Strawberry Lemon Mojito Mocktail

There is something that happens to me during pregnancy which makes me just want everything Lemon and fresh. With the warmer weather that we have been having, the craving for a good Mojito also came into play. I mean, that minty freshness is really to die for. I love mojitos so much in the warmer […]