The Bangs Debate

I DID IT! I got bangs. It was a spur of the moment decision last night after throwing the idea around for a few years and I knew if I didn’t book the appointment first thing, I would chicken out because I’d have too much time to think. Why Bangs? Well, over a month ago, […]

Bend Skincare: A Magical Youth Serum

Working in Halifax’s Bar industry for many years had its perks. One of them, the best one, was meeting so many amazing and talented people. One of those people was a tall, dark and handsome man name Marc St. Onge. As I worked the door of the booming restaurant Seven, He would keep me company […]

Trusting The Pros At HS Studio

I have had a life of struggles with my hair. From sinus medication making it fall out when I was really young, to having the worst haircuts and boxed dye experience, heading to the hairdresser makes me shake in my boots. Each time I head for a trim, I’m reminded of that time I had […]