Calming the Kids’ Skin with Baby Dove

Wild Rosebuds: Calming our baby's skin with Dove Baby

When Rob and I had Aubrey, we knew his skin could go either way. I have had sensitive skin my entire life, along with my entire side of the family. Whereas, Rob, with his Italian olive skin, only has dryness as an issue. It was like playing the lottery. Would Aubrey have my problematic skin, or Rob’s easy going complexion?

Turns out, both kids ended up with my problematic skin and Rob’s dry skin. Go figure right? So we started 4 years ago, working our way through all of the products that had been recommended to us. Some worked but weren’t in our budget, others were in our budget but made problems worse.

We had so many people judge what we were trying. This brand causes cancer, that brand has too many dangerous additives. But, we kept pressing on, because, like you moms, I trusted my mom gut and knew that I would find the right product for my family.

Wild Rosebuds: Calming our baby's skin with Dove Baby

When Poppy came, she seemed to break out in rashes with EVERYTHING. From Her face, to the tops of her feet, she had unexplained skin issues. But, we then received the newly launched Dove’s Baby line in the mail and thought it was worth a try.

Over the past month, we have been using the Sensitive Moisture Line on Poppy and the Rich Moisture line on Aubrey’s dry, rough skin. Not only have they not had any reaction to either lines, but also their issues seem to be getting better.

Wild Rosebuds: Calming our baby's skin with Dove Baby

With Poppy, we have been using the moisturizer as a massage lotion after a bath to calm her before bed. She has been loving it. With Aubrey, we have been getting him involved more in the washing and moisturizing during bath time. With each use, he always says “mmm, mommy, this smells delicious.”

Wild Rosebuds: Calming our baby's skin with Dove Baby

Dove has always been a brand that I have used my entire life due to my sensitive skin. So, I am loving that I can now use that same brand on my children. And, having a product that fits into our young family’s budget that actually works and is safe for our sensitive children is a serious plus.

Available at Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, Zehrs, Fortinos and Atlantic Superstore or for convenient pick up here.




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