*GIVEAWAY* My Mother Of Two Fashion Style with Union Jack Boots

How to Style a pair of hiking boots for every day style. This mom of two shows her go to look wearing her hiking boots.

If you follow me on my Instastories, you may have caught my recent admission that gone is the day of effort in my clothing choices, here are the days of yoga pants and big sweaters. I have my reasons. and I am sure many of you are in the same boat.

When Rob and I decided I should work from home after having Poppy, I remember saying “I’m still going to get dressed up and wear such stylish outfits, because I can wear whatever I like.” Yeah……so that never happened. My clothes pre-Poppy are only just starting to fit again 6 months later, which plays a part. But, from the early wake ups with both kids, the daycare drop-offs, and then sitting in front of a computer all day, the comfy clothes that I threw on in the morning, I seem to never get around to taking off throughout the day.

How to Style a pair of hiking boots for every day style. This mom of two shows her go to look wearing her hiking boots. How to Style a pair of hiking boots for every day style. This mom of two shows her go to look wearing her hiking boots.

When it comes to days out of the house, I do put an effort in. But, I gravitate to loose flowy tops and sweaters that can double as a  nursing cover when I am on the go. High waisted pants after two babies are must as well.

after two babies are must as well.

Like my sister always says, you can judge a person by their shoes, so that is how I change up a simple outfit. Pair this look with a dressier boot and jacket, it could be worn for lunch. But, as a mom who lives in the country, 5 days out of 7, I pair it with boots meant for all the activities I get into with having two kids and a dog.

How to Style a pair of hiking boots for every day style. This mom of two shows her go to look wearing her hiking boots. How to Style a pair of hiking boots for every day style. This mom of two shows her go to look wearing her hiking boots.

These Kodiak boots have been on my wish list for months since I spotted them in a store back in September. But, when it came time to buy them, my size was sold out. Luckily for me, I found them at Union Jack Boots just in time for Winter and cold weather to show up. The cognac leather and wool mix makes a classic style updated. Plus, they are made with Thinsulate to keep your toes warm and cozy.

With Christmas in a few days, I want to give one of you dedicated readers a chance to win a pair of Winter Boots of your choice from Union Jack boots.

You have TWO ways to enter:

  • Comment below and tell me your go-to shoe for the winter season.
  • On Instagram- find the post about this giveaway and follow the directions on how to enter.

Contest will close on Christmas Eve. Good Luck!



  1. My Sorels, however they are baby blue and from the kids section. Every time I wear them my partner says I look like I am ready for grade 5!

  2. My go to boots are the ugg becloud! They have kept my feet dry and warm for many years now, however they are sadly needing to be replaced.

  3. I wear my bogs, they are out of style now but as a mom you sometimes go without so that your child can have the in style! 🙂

  4. I’ve been looking all over for a cognac boot!!!
    I have the “katniss” boot by Sorel from the hunger games movie – which I love but isn’t an every day boot.
    Here’s crossing my fingers!

  5. I’ve been living in Vancouver for the last few years so I no longer have a pair of winter boots. With the snow we’ve been having lately I am in need of a pair. Plus I’m moving home to Nova Scotia next year so will definitely need winter boots to survive the winter there. A winter in Nova Scotia will be a shock to the system I’m sure, so winning a pair will certainly soften the blow!

  6. I love my Sorels. I have the tall leather waterproof version. They are a few years old so I could use a new pair to extend the life of my old favs.

    Fingers crossed!!!

  7. My insulated Tretorn boots are my current go-to winter footwear. Definitely in need of an upgrade (and proper winter boot)!

  8. My fav’s are Hunters, as they work for all seasons! Can’t beat them being waterproof to fight the slushie, wet snowy conditions we usually get in NS!!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. I live in my Hunter boots! They are super old though and actually have a tear in the side of them 🙁 I really need to invest in a new pair- but also would LOVE to win these amazing boots you’re wearing…

  10. This time of year my Sorels are a winter must have! All I wear is boots this time of year and I Love the Union Jack Boots!

  11. Being off on maternity leave lIve in my Hunters lately… I had to put dress boots on for a work event last week and it’s was painful 🙂 .

  12. We usually don’t get a lot of snow so my go to is a comfy pair of booties, or in colder snowy weather I’ll wear my lined zip up winter boots I got from Aldo a few years ago.

  13. Oh, I love those boots!! My go to are my handmade beaded mukluks from a few years ago! Love the warmth for the Manitoba winters! But these would be an honour to win and be able to look a little “dressier” as I too am all about the leggings and sweaters! Thanks for the chance!!

  14. Well I’m usually all about my Hunter wellies. It’s been so cold here with endless snow I’m realizing I need an actual pair of winter boots! Love the ones you’ve chosen!

  15. Looove those boots!!! Unfortunately, my winter footwear is not as pretty, as I’m either switching between my heavy, Marks Work Wearhouse super warm boots, or knee-high rain boots, to suit the ever changing weather in Halifax.

  16. Love those Kodiaks! For the milder winter days, I love my Blundstones! Wish I had them in every colour! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  17. My Blundstones are my favourite! Perfect for running around doing errands or going for a casual lunch date. As a student they are an investment but worth every penny!

  18. My long black leather pull on boots. They make it easy to get to the bus stop with my daughter and are dressy enough to then head off to work.

  19. It’s a toss up between my Uggs which keep my feet so warm or my Sorels when playing out in the snow. These boots though are great when you want something a little more fancy 😉

  20. Current go-to’s are these awful looking Columbia boots (they look like snowboard boots). But are SO warm and waterproof. With 1 baby and 1 dog it’s all about function over fashion. Would totally love to grab a pair of functional AND fashionable boots from Union Jack! X

  21. For winter boots I go between Sorels and Blundstones depending on the weather!
    For work I wear Blundstones every day and feel confident I won’t slip on the ice because of their great grip!

  22. For me it’s between my Sorel winter carnival boots.. and Hunter rubber boots depending on the day So something between those two would be fantastic!! Love them

  23. Bogs have been my go to boot for the past few years … warm, cozy and waterproof. Love the boots you’re sporting!

    And even though I’m not a mom, I’m in the same boat with the comfy clothes … I work from home most days and stay as comfortable as possible in front of my computer. I definitely view it as a perk of the job to be able to wear my coziest clothes almost every day!

  24. I pull out the big ol” Sorels this time of year….my Joan of Arctics are a must for PEI winters….but how cute are those boots?! Nice to have something for those milder winter days!

  25. My go to shoe, much like you nowadays is something that is versatile and comfy and something that won’t get ruined in our messy winters! I have the waterproof uggs that I usually wear on a day to day basis but they’re a few years old now.. LOVE those zodiac boots!!!!!!

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