My Fitness Journey: 2018

Wild Rosebuds | My Fitness Journey in 2018

So, I am about to admit something. As you all know, I struggled after Poppy to lose the body weight. Not with a goal to look like I did pre-pregnancy, but because I wanted to get my confidence back. I took you through the journey with me and by the summer of last year, I finally was in a good balance with my fitness, health, and work.

Well, here’s where the confession comes in. Since the end of September, I have gained all of the weigh back, entering the new year 15 pounds heavier than I was this Summer and weighing the same as I did coming home from the hospital after Poppy.

Wild Rosebuds | My Fitness Journey in 2018 with Bikini Body Guide

I know why it happened. Aubrey began school in another district in September. That meant that not only was our beach walks over with beach season being done, but I also wasn’t walking 4-8 Kms a day to take Aubrey to his daycare anymore. On top of that, the blog was entering its busiest season which meant I spent a lot of time sitting at my desk. Poppy started walking so I had more on my hands with her getting into everything. Instead of working out at night, I was exhausted and lazy, vegging out on the couch with Netflix or on my laptop working 16 hours a day.

It’s not that I am mad at myself. I have more curves, a bigger booty (because we all know that #goals). The thing is, with weight gain also comes lack of confidence, depression and most importantly, lack of energy. I went into this year really feeling awful with myself on a deeper level than just weight. Its a feeling I am still trying to kick but have a plan.Wild Rosebuds | My Fitness Journey in 2018 with Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines

I think what really put me in my place was being gifted an Apple iWatch from my mom and dad for Christmas. I had heard of this whole close your rings thing but never really knew what they were talking about. That day, even though it was Christmas, I put the watch on and learned all about how to close each ring and it became a competition with myself. Since then, I have not only closed the rings each day but have also upped my goals each week.

I also noticed that my regular workout was great for maintaining, but I wanted something that showed results faster so that I wouldn’t fall back into laziness. I had previously tried Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines back before Poppy. It was really effective and not only changed my body in a short period of time, but also gave me a ton of extra energy. The workouts are HIIT and are 28 mins long 3 days a week with walking on your off days. I am now in week 2 of her BBG 1.0 plan on the App and want to keep you updated while I improve.

Below is my Before Photo. And I know that I don’t look horrible, but it’s more about how I feel on the inside. A before photo, although just showing the physical side of things, also shows you how far you’ve come not only physically, but in the way you hold yourself.

Wild Rosebuds | My Fitness Journey With BBG | Before photos

With that, Rob and I are ridding the cabinets and fridge of anything that doesn’t fit the Paleoish lifestyle that we aspire to live. We will continue to share our favorite healthy recipes with you, as well as our favorite fitness brands and clothing.

So stay tuned for another year of tips and tricks for staying healthy and physically active as a mom of two. And remember, we are only human. Weight will always be up and down, but its how you feel on the inside that you should focus on.


  1. Love this. Excited to follow along with your journey!
    Being in New Zealand I’ve yet to get back to a regular workout routine and it’s definitely a mental game.

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