How To Make Yourself More Marketable To Bigger Brands

I know I don’t do a ton of background posts on the business of blogging. But, every so often, I get asked the same question over and over and realize that maybe there really isn’t a good source for the answer yet on the blogosphere.

Lately, the question I’ve been DM’d by many Instagram moms is how do I get to work with such great brands on a regular basis. These are ladies with a larger Instagram following than me, amazing engagement, and to be honest, beautiful if not perfect feeds of their highlight reels. So, of course, they are curious.

The only way I can justify this whole collaboration business is by looking at it as a whole. Note that I said these are Instagram Moms (influencers). These are women who do an amazing job at a curated feed and engaging with their audience, using proper hashtags and reaching a large number of fellow moms out there. But that’s where it usually ends. One social feed, one type of media. That works great for brands who are just looking to promote on Instagram and you can make a living from it. But, to really dive deep into why a product is great or promote a certain topic they are wanting to, Instagram can fall flat.

The difference between an Instagram Mom and what I do is vastly different. Not only do I have my Instagram feed which I work so hard on growing. But, I also have a fully running blog where I post 3-5 times a week, an active Facebook page that grows with every collaboration,  a YouTube channel which soon we are hoping to have 1 video a week posted to it, as well as Twitter. All of these channels not only are active and nurtured but also have different types of followers, which in turn makes my reach for how many people, in the end, see a post, exponentially more than just the one social channel of Instagram. I mean, my grandad does not have Instagram. But, he and many people over the age of 40 do follow my Facebook.

It is a lot of work. You need to have a good balance of sponsored and un-sponsored posts, cover topics that people are interested in and realized that you will have days that you work 18 hours from the moment you wake up to the wee hours of the morning making sure you have everything prepared for every channel. Instead of that one great shot on an Instagram feed, you need to take and edit an additional 5-10 great shots for your blog. Those shots then need to be able to be used on Pinterest so that you can grow your page views on your blog. You then need to divide those photos up for different social posts that you are contracted to or that you want to post so that you can maximise the work you have just put into a post on your blog (this can take up to 7 hours) to make sure people are aware to visit it.

In doing all of this, your worth to a brand goes up. You will be able to get paid for the work that you do and bigger brands will become interested because your reach is so large. If you are willing to put this work in, than you too can grow and create a great platform for your ideas, and voice. The problem is, It takes a lot of work. You can’t promote that you have a blog yet only post when a company pays you as you will lose trust of the reader and the company might not take your reach seriously. You need to be prepared to nurture it all, be creative with it, and take the risk because it took me a good three years of growing every platform before I had a large company actually want to pay me.

So you have a good Instagram account. If you are ready to turn it into something more marketable, invest in yourself. Buy the website that matches your branding, create the facebook page, and start marketing them all. Write blogs because you love to, and about things you love to write about. Create your niche and make yourself stand out. It is not hard, just A LOT of work. And you need to be prepared for that. But, the only way to see for yourself is by getting started. So all of you out there who have been thinking of doing this, or wondering how I have done it. My one take away from all of this is to just get out there and Start doing it…..ALL of it.


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