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Bend Beauty Aniti-Aging Formula in capsules and Marine Collagen + Co-factors You have read it here before, but one of my favorite products in my skincare routine has to be my Bend Beauty Anti-aging formula. if you are having issues with uneven skin tone, breakouts, fine lines,  or want to protect your skin from the sun from the inside out, I can’t say enough about this product.

But, because I have talked about it so many times on here, I’m not going to bore you with it all again. Instead, I wanted to introduce you to the newest product in the bed line, their Marine Collagen, and Co-Factors powder. What makes this different than the one Rob and I previously took is that not only is it derived from fish peptides, but it also and an enjoyable strawberry flavor allowing it to be easily mixed with water in the morning. Or, if you use vanilla protein powder, it tastes great in a morning shake.

I’ve been having some skin issues with dryness, breakouts and premature aging. I want to blame it on motherhood, which I am sure plays a role. But, realistically I know those years in the tanning bed, never drinking the proper amount of water and eating not the greatest recently play a huge part.

This past month I have made an effort to religiously take my Bend anti-aging formula and now the Marine collagen every morning. It has been making a huge difference. And even though I know I need to work on my water intake, my skin is looking plumper, my makeup is sitting on my face better and those issues I chatted about in my post HERE are almost fully gone.

Because you know I am a full believer in this product, I’ve asked Bend to team up with me and we are going to give away both products to one lucky winner. All you have to do is comment below on this post, sharing your biggest skin issue.

The giveaway will be open until Friday, Oct. 6th at 11:59 pm. Open to Canadian Residents only.






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  1. My biggest issues are breakouts and tired mom dark circles. (Fine lines are definitely more visable) I would love to give this product a try !

  2. With age and birthing of our children and thyroid problems now my skin is all over the place. Dryness age spots wrinkles Looking to clear completion and plum skin again and moisturize.

  3. My biggest skin is acne. I have tried prescriptions and creams to control it, but nothing seems to work. It is a daily struggle with my self-confidence.

  4. My biggest skin is acne. I have tried prescriptions and creams to control it, but nothing seems to work. It is a daily struggle with my self-confidence.

  5. Hi Katie! I’m 6 months pregnant and have been turning to your blog more and more lately – staying hydrated and moisturizing is not an issue for me for my skin, HOWEVER being pregnant for the first time has thrown my skin through a real loop. I have more acne than I have had in years and my skin is overall a little oilier and just not as happy and balanced as usual. I’d love to try this product!

  6. My biggest skin issue would be fine lines. i have been reading great things about Bend and hope to give them a try very soon.

  7. My greatest skin issue is definitely breakouts and dryness. Acne was never an issue in my teens, however, in my 30’s it’s been an ongoing battle. I also find my skin (especially my legs) has become much drier despite the copious amounts of moisturizer I use daily.

  8. My biggest issue currently is breakouts! I’m just wheeling second baby and of course has sent my body through a tailspin of hormonal changes, AGAIN! I hate the blemishes and the fact nothing will clear them

  9. My biggest skin issue is fine lines and wrinkles – comes with my age, as well as my love of the sun for so many years.! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. My biggest skin issue is redness … and pregnancy
    I’ve struggled through most of my second and third trimesters with redness all over my whole face.

  11. After giving birth few years ago my biggest skin issues became dryness, dark spots from too much sun exposure and dark spots around eyes. Although I try to take care of my skin with age it’s becoming harder.

  12. My biggest issue lately is exzema and dry skin…it hasn’t flared up in years and it’s back:( I’m getting older and my skin is definetly changing.

  13. My biggest issue is dark spots! After a blemish, the spot sticks usually outstays it’s welcome. My darker skin is to blame (but at least it helps keep the fine lines at bay!)

  14. I’m 28 and suffer from pimples… like why?!? I wash my face with all natural products, use daily cream, and also make sure my pillow case is always clean… the struggle is real. I would love to give these a try!

  15. Hydration! I have a thyroid issue that keeps my skin perpetually dried out, and most products wear off after a few hours on me.

  16. My biggest skin problem as of lately is it being quite uneven. I’ve had a lot of redness too! My skin is combo skin and it’s been all over the place since having my daughter almost 5 months ago.

  17. My biggest skin issue is a luck of “luste”. It seems tired and lacking a more youthful glow. I also want to blame it on motherhood and lack of sleep, but I’m sure it’s from years of being out in the sun!

  18. My biggest skin problem is acne – since having a baby 16 months ago I can’t seem to find anything that works!

  19. I have bad combination skin! It’s super oily in my t-zone and yet dry with red blotchy patches in other spots. I also have some old acne scars that have caused dark spots!

  20. My biggest skin issue probably is large pores/blackheads around my nose and chin area. No matter what I do, my skin isn’t clearing up. Help!

  21. My biggest skin issue are those stubborn dark spots. One summer I got a bad sunburn on my forehead and it left dark spots all over 🙁

  22. My biggest skin problem is hydration! I cannot give my skin enough moisture these days. It doesn’t help those fine lines around my eyes.

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