No Bake Easy Fruit Flan

This weekend was my Mother-in-law’s birthday, and she was coming to stay with us. Naturally, that meant cake and I’m pregnant so of course I was going to take advantage of having a sweet treat in the house. Having hit the nesting phase of my pregnancy, I was wanting to […]

Strawberry Lemon Mojito Mocktail

There is something that happens to me during pregnancy which makes me just want everything Lemon and fresh. With the warmer weather that we have been having, the craving for a good Mojito also came into play. I mean, that minty freshness is really to die for. I love mojitos […]

Paleo Mocha Frappuccino

Winter is hard when you have a toddler as many of you cold climate mommas may know. And with each bitter cold snowy weekend, you try to find ways to entertain the little one. Of course this is tiring work. In the middle of the last storm, I craved for […]

Mushroom Chicken Panini

As you probably know if you follow my blog, Rob and I LOVE a good date during the day. Most of the time it’s for coffee. Our favourite spot at the moment is Pavia’s original location which has the most delicious espresso I may have ever had. Recently, on a […]

My Mom’s Easy Peasy Shepherd’s Pie

  As the mornings grow crisper, I yearn for warm comfort food from my moms kitchen. Now that I’m a mom, its those simple dishes that are cheap and quick to prepare that I seem to love the most. My moms Sheppard pie is one of them. Growing up, I […]