Peach Kentucky Mule Cocktails

Last Week, Rob and I celebrated our First Anniversary at the restaurant we eloped in last year. While enjoying our time together without kids or even talk of kids, Rob ordered a Kentucky mule with our appetizer. Being lovers of ginger beer, we instantly became obsessed with the drink. Tonight, […]

Paleo Chocolate Irish Cream Whiskey

There is nothing that breaks my heart more, being lactose intolerant and 80% Paleo, than missing that coffee on Christmas morning with a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream Whiskey into it. So this year, Rob and I started playing around with Paleo Irish Cream Recipes we had found on Pinterest. […]

Quick And Easy Non-Dairy Strawberry Milk

Coming to the last leg of my pregnancy, the cravings for fresh fruit and vegetables has become overwhelming. But,  like most pregnant women, I am also craving for horrible foods that give me a flash back to my childhood. You know, the early nineties, where milk allergies hadn’t really been […]

No Bake Easy Fruit Flan

This weekend was my Mother-in-law’s birthday, and she was coming to stay with us. Naturally, that meant cake and I’m pregnant so of course I was going to take advantage of having a sweet treat in the house. Having hit the nesting phase of my pregnancy, I was wanting to […]