Gym Hair With Albion Fit

We are probably all deep into the swing of 2017 and all those New Years resolutions for getting healthier and more active. But 3 weeks in may have you bored of the whole gym look you are rocking. I will admit that if I am home with my kids, I […]

20 Minute At Home Workout For January

Ok Guys, Its official. I have the privilege of having a good friend as a Personal Trainer and we have joined forces to create a way to have NO EXCUSES on working out. She has designed a 20 minute work out for you each month, with little to no equipment […]

Discovering My Body Dysmorphia

PJs c/o Today I decided to fix my storage problem on my laptop, by attaching my external hard drive from my old computer up to it to start saving files onto. I decided to open it up and browse through forgotten photos of my life between high school and Aubrey. […]

Bend Skincare: A Magical Youth Serum

Working in Halifax’s Bar industry for many years had its perks. One of them, the best one, was meeting so many amazing and talented people. One of those people was a tall, dark and handsome man name Marc St. Onge. As I worked the door of the booming restaurant Seven, […]