Refreshing My Pyjama Drawer

There are some things that you just have a hard time spending money on. For most people, those items are usually things like sheets or pans. For me, it’s PJ’s. I always found that PJs were a great item on a Christmas or birthday list. If I didn’t receive them on those two occasions a year, then I didn’t get PJs that year. […]

5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Unexpected Visitor

With Spring literally a within an arms reach away, I am itching to get out. That comes in many forms, both being more active and being more friendly. Spring is perfect for those long drives to get out of the house. This usually ends up in those last minute texts to your friends saying that […]

To Women Raising Women To Be Strong

I have been raised by a long line of strong women. My grandmother was from Sheffield in England. Sheffield is known for their Steel mine. Women from there are known for their strength and brute. In my grandmother’s lifetime, when the second world war was happening, the men had to leave and fight for their country. […]