How I Edit My Photos

One of my most asked questions recently has been what Camera do we use and how do I edit my photos. I thought it was time to finally summarize it all in a blog post for you. First, let me say that I am in no way trained or a professional, though my husband is […]

Our Night At Diner En Blanc 2017

A few years ago, Rob and I got wind of Diner En Blanc. Aubrey was 2 and we were desperate for an exciting night out where we could forget about being parents and even forget about being in Halifax. We took a chance even though the night was way out of our budget and headed […]

An Afternoon At The County Fair

The other week, our County Fair, The Big Ex, was on. We spent our childhood coming to it each Summer, participating in the 4H competitions with our crafts and rabbits, playing games with our parent’s money, and riding ALL of the rides. In high school, it was the perfect date night out with that new […]